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    AI Background Removal (Goodbye Greenscreen vs Robust Video Matting)

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    AI Background Removal: Goodbye Greenscreen vs Robust Video Matting

    Today we will be discussing two methods for removing backgrounds without the need for a green screen, using AI technology. We will compare the results of using a paid method called Goodbye Greenscreen with a free method called Robust Video Matting through Google Colab. By exploring both options, we can understand the benefits of each and determine the best approach.

    Goodbye Greenscreen Method

    To demonstrate the Goodbye Greenscreen plugin, I recorded a video with a complex background containing various objects and movements. This type of video would typically be challenging to rotoscope manually due to the numerous distractions.

    Goodbye Greenscreen offers an automatic background removal feature. However, it is a resource-intensive plugin, which can impact processing time. While it may not provide perfect results, it can effectively remove the background in many cases. The plugin offers various settings such as generic, human, portrait, and webcam, allowing you to experiment and achieve better results for different footage.

    Additionally, if you have a tripod setup, you can duplicate the layer without the subject and freeze the frame, using this as the source for the background removal. This method works well when you want to keep the background consistent while removing the subject.

    However, when using handheld shots, the results may not be as clean. In some instances, you might need to manually mask out certain elements to refine the background removal. It's worth noting that Goodbye Greenscreen is especially effective when removing backgrounds that do not involve humans. It can easily differentiate between the subject and the background, even with non-human elements like objects or animals.

    Robust Video Matting: Free Method

    An alternative free option for background removal is Robust Video Matting (RVM). This approach requires installing RVM on a computer with an Nvidia graphics card. However, I will guide you on how to utilize RVM through Google Colab, which offers a more accessible and universal option.

    To use RVM through Google Colab:

    1. Click the link in the description and access the RVM site.
    2. Open the "collab demo" section.
    3. Mount your Google Drive and create a folder called "rvm."
    4. Follow the installation tutorial provided by Cloud dump, ensuring you can run RVM on Google Colab.
    5. Upload your video to the "rvm" folder in your Google Drive and copy the file's path.
    6. Return to Google Colab and follow the provided instructions, pasting the video path, adjusting quality settings if desired, and specifying where to save the output files.
    7. Run the code, allowing RVM to process your video and save the results to your Google Drive.

    After the processing is complete, you will find several files in your folder. The primary output file is the one without the green screen, giving you a clean removal of the background. Although artifacts or imperfections may remain, especially around more complex areas, RVM is fast and provides impressive results considering the absence of a green screen.


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    Q: Can I use Goodbye Greenscreen for non-human subjects? A: Yes, Goodbye Greenscreen can effectively remove backgrounds that do not involve humans, making it suitable for objects and animals as well.

    Q: Is Robust Video Matting a free tool? A: Yes, Robust Video Matting is a free option for background removal, making it accessible to users without the need for expensive plugins.

    Q: Which method is faster? A: Robust Video Matting typically offers faster processing times compared to Goodbye Greenscreen, allowing for quicker background removal.

    Q: Can either method achieve perfect background removal? A: While both methods have their limitations, they can provide satisfactory results with minor imperfections that may require some manual refinement. Experimenting with settings and adjusting parameters can enhance the overall outcome.

    Q: Are there other alternatives for background removal? A: There may be other tools or methods available for background removal. It's always worth exploring and experimenting with various options to find the solution that best suits your needs.

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