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    AI Fashion Tutorial - getting DALL-E to work for video

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    AI Fashion Tutorial - getting DALL-E to work for video

    In this article, we'll delve into a detailed process on how AI, specifically DALL-E, was utilized to create a fashion video. The video showcases the outfits generated by DALL-E through the alteration of clothing in photos. However, adapting this process to video format posed a challenge initially, as DALL-E is primarily designed for images. By employing another AI program, EB synth, the video was successfully enhanced with painted clothing styles. Let's explore the steps taken to achieve this innovative fashion video using AI technology.

    Step 1: Generating Outfits with DALL-E

    The first step involved using DALL-E to generate outfits by manipulating clothing items in photos. Despite some less desirable options, the AI performed well in color and lighting matching. However, due to safety regulations, facial features were intentionally concealed during this process.

    Step 2: Adapting for Video with EB synth

    Transitioning from image to video format presented a hurdle, as DALL-E was not originally intended for video creation. This led to the discovery and application of EB synth, which enabled the painting of clothing styles frame by frame in the video. While some imperfections were noted, the AI tool sufficiently transformed the video's appearance.

    Step 3: Implementing Finishing Touches with Dane

    To further enhance the video's aesthetics, another AI tool named Dane was employed to facilitate smooth transitions between the generated outfits. By stitching these transitions together seamlessly, the final video achieved a polished look.


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    1. How did DALL-E contribute to the creation of the fashion video? DALL-E was instrumental in generating outfits by manipulating clothing items in photos, though it required innovative adaptation for video application.

    2. What role did EB synth play in the video creation process? EB synth facilitated the transformation of the generated outfits into a video format by applying painting styles frame by frame.

    3. Why was facial covering necessary during the use of DALL-E in the video creation? For safety reasons, DALL-E does not allow facial features to be included in its generated outputs, prompting the need for concealing facial elements in the video.

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