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    AI-Generated Music is Wild!

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    AI-Generated Music is Wild!

    In a fascinating exploration of AI-generated music, a comparison is drawn between Dolly, an AI that turns text into art, and LM, which creates music from tagged databases. The versatility of LM allows for the generation of music ranging from meditative tunes to whistling Mozart symphonies. However, a humorously intriguing aspect emerges as the AI does not produce coherent lyrics but rather fragmented phrases that may not make complete sense. The AI's attempt at generating rap/hip-hop lyrics is showcased, highlighting the unique and sometimes nonsensical output.


    • AI-generated music
    • Dolly
    • LM
    • Meditative song
    • Whistling Mozart symphony
    • Rap/hip-hop song


    • What is the purpose of Dolly and LM in AI-generated music? Dolly converts text into art, while LM utilizes tagged databases to create music.

    • What types of music can be generated by LM? LM can produce anything from meditative songs to whistling Mozart symphonies.

    • Do the AI-generated lyrics form coherent sentences? No, the AI-generated lyrics are typically fragmented and may not make complete sense.

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