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    AI Generated Video : 3 Text To Video AI Tools

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    AI Generated Video : 3 Text To Video AI Tools

    Hi, welcome back to my free AI tutorial channel! Today, I will show you how to create AI-generated videos using text-to-video AI tools. We will test three different AI video generator tools, so let's get started.

    Runway ML Version 2 AI Video Generator

    RunwayML is a paid AI tool, but for new accounts, you will receive 120 seconds of free credits. Visit the Runway ML Gen 2 website and click the "Try Now" button. You can register using your email, Google, or Apple account. To create an AI-generated video using this tool, click on the "Generate Videos" menu in your account dashboard and select the Gen 2 option. You can type your prompt and edit video settings by clicking the settings button. Once done, you can download the video by clicking the download button. You can also add an image as a reference for generation.

    Remix Co-AI Video Generator

    The Remix Co-AI Video Generator is currently free to use, and you don't need to register to use their AI video generator. Simply type your prompt and click the create button to generate a video based on your text input.

    Genmo AI Video Generator

    Genmo works like Kyber AI but with more features. This AI tool can create AI-generated images, 3D models, and videos. It is a paid tool but provides free daily credits. You can create a Genmo account using your Google or Discord account to start creating AI videos. Customize your video by entering additional prompts, setting the desired length, and adjusting exploration values for different results.


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    1. Are these AI video generator tools free to use?
      • Runway ML offers 120 seconds of free credits for new accounts, Remix Co-AI is currently free to use, and Genmo provides free daily credits before requiring payment for additional usage.
    2. Can I customize the generated videos using these tools?
      • Yes, you can customize the videos by entering specific prompts, adjusting video settings, setting the length, and exploring different values for varied results.
    3. How do I download the AI-generated videos created using these tools?
      • Each tool provides a download button after the video generation process is complete, allowing you to save the AI-generated videos to your device for further use or sharing.

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