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    AI Generated Video Just Changed Forever - OpenAI Sora

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    AI Generated Video Just Changed Forever - OpenAI Sora

    Half the jobs have just been wiped out today. Take a look at this video and tell me if you find anything unremarkable, as everybody is talking about it. The video, which appears to be real, was actually never shot on a real camera. It was created using AI technology from a platform called OpenAI's Sora. By inputting a specific text prompt, the AI generated a Sci-Fi video.

    As the video continues, we are shown aerial footage of the Big Surf, which appears incredibly natural. The discussion then shifts to animators, with a comparison made to a Blender animator who spent days creating a short animation. Lastly, the concept of drones during the California Gold Rush period is brought up, prompting historical footage to be shown to dispel the idea.


    AI, OpenAI Sora, video, generated, Sci-Fi, aerial footage, animators, Blender, drones, California Gold Rush, historical footage


    1. What is the significance of the video discussed in the article?
      • The video in question was not shot on a real camera; rather, it was generated using AI technology from OpenAI's Sora platform.
    2. How does AI play a role in the creation of videos like the one mentioned?
      • AI can be used to generate videos based on text prompts, as demonstrated in the article with a Sci-Fi video and aerial footage of the Big Surf.
    3. Why was historical footage of the California Gold Rush referenced in the article?
      • The historical footage was used to demonstrate that drones did not exist during the California Gold Rush period, contrary to a question raised in the discussion.

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