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    AI Video Generator: Your Ultimate Tool for Creating Stunning Amazon Product Videos #ai #shorts #tool

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    AI Video Generator: Your Ultimate Tool for Creating Stunning Amazon Product Videos #ai #shorts #tool

    The first thing we can do is change the avatar on your left. You will see all the studio avatars and click on each one to preview them. You can also view the recent avatars you've used. If you have your own avatar, you can upload the photo right here. For resizing and positioning, as well as changing the background color, that can all be done easily. You can replace all avatars on the rest of the pages. Moving on to the second scene, you can replace it as well. If you want to add a new scene, simply click on "scene" and then "new scene." Customize your scenes by dragging them to your desired position. For example, you can use this as a conclusion for your video, adding the full body of your avatar and text with font changes.


    AI, Video Generator, Avatar, Studio, Customization, Scene, Resizing, Positioning, Font, Amazon, Product Video


    • How can I change the avatar in the video generator?
    • Can I upload my own avatar for customization?
    • Is it possible to add new scenes to the video?
    • How do I resize and reposition elements in the video?
    • Can I change the background color of the scenes in the video generator?

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