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    AI Video Maker Tool || AI Generator Tool Free Video Making || WITH FUN

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    AI Video Maker Tool || AI Generator Tool Free Video Making || WITH FUN

    Today, we are delving into a brand new AI video maker tool in this video. It is divided into three chapters:

    Chapter 1: Creating a Video with a 3D Talking Avatar

    In this chapter, we will demonstrate how to create a video using a 3D talking avatar generated from a ChatGPT prompt.

    Chapter 2: Showcase of Different Avatars

    Chapter 2 showcases 14 different avatars with various nationalities and languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian. Viewers are encouraged to provide feedback on their favorite avatar model in the comments section.

    Chapter 3: Interacting with an AI Human

    In the last chapter, we engage in an interactive chat with an AI Human by posing some quirky questions.

    We are excited to dive into this exploration, so let's jump right in and see what this AI video maker tool has to offer!


    AI Video Maker, 3D Talking Avatar, ChatGPT prompt, Nationalities, Languages, Interactive Chat with AI Human


    1. How many chapters is the video divided into?
    2. What is showcased in Chapter 2 of the video?
    3. How can viewers provide feedback on their favorite avatar model?

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