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    AI Video Tools Are Getting Out of Control!

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    AI Video Tools Are Getting Out of Control!

    Today, we will be exploring and reviewing various AI video tools, diving into their pros and cons, and questioning their usefulness. Special thanks to our sponsor, Envato Elements, which offers unlimited access to a wide range of video assets for your projects. Use the link below to get a seven-day free trial.

    Auto Cut - Streamlining Video Editing

    Let's begin with Auto Cut, a plugin for Premiere Pro that conveniently removes silences from your videos. Unlike other similar tools like Time Bolt, Auto Cut is integrated directly into Premiere Pro. With Auto Cut V2, you have the ability to refine silences using specific parameters. On the other hand, Auto Cut AI allows you to select the AI aggressiveness and automatically cuts the silences. While Auto Cut V2 tends to yield better results, Auto Cut AI is a time-saver for podcasts and other projects. Auto Cut also offers a beta feature called Auto Zoom, which predicts moments to zoom in using AI.

    Topaz Labs - Enhancing Video Quality

    Topaz Labs offers a tool that can significantly improve the quality of images and videos. With Topaz Video AI, you can upscale your videos to higher resolutions, like 4K and even 8K. This tool works wonders, especially if you shoot in 1080p and want to achieve higher-quality output. Additionally, it can be used to enhance old footage. However, while it excels in improving images, video quality enhancement still faces some limitations, especially when it comes to faces.

    Replicate YoYo - Creating Fake Videos

    Replicate YoYo is a fun tool that allows you to superimpose one person's face onto another person's body. It's essentially a script that takes a video of one person talking and applies the lip movements to a different person's face. This tool can be used for parodies or jokes, but its application goes beyond just humorous videos.

    AI Generated Human Spokespersons

    There are several AI tools that create fake human spokespersons. Tools like Deep Brain by AI Studios, Lai, and Movio allow you to generate virtual avatars that can read scripts you provide. While these tools strive to create realistic results, they still lack emotions and natural speech patterns. They can be useful for educational tutorials and customer service videos, offering efficiency in generating instructional content.


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    1. Can Auto Cut be used with any video editing software? Auto Cut is a plugin specifically designed for Adobe Premiere Pro, providing a streamlined silencing removal process within the software.

    2. Are the results generated by Topaz Video AI satisfactory? Topaz Video AI excels in enhancing image quality, but the video enhancement feature is still in its early stages. While it can create noticeable improvements, it may face challenges in refining details, especially when it comes to faces.

    3. How useful are AI-generated spokespersons for educational videos? AI-generated spokespersons can be a valuable tool for creating tutorial and instructional videos. They provide a time-saving solution, negating the need to film individuals for every video. However, the current drawback is their lack of emotion and natural speech patterns.

    4. What is the cost of using Movio to create a custom avatar? Creating a custom avatar through Movio involves filming oneself in front of a green screen and paying approximately $ 250 to have the generated AI avatar.

    5. Can AI tools like Replicate YoYo be used for serious video production? While Replicate YoYo is a fun tool that allows you to superimpose faces onto different bodies, its primary use is for entertainment or comedic purposes, rather than serious video production.

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