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    AI better than Chat GPT (The New ChatGPT Copilotly Ai)

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    AI better than Chat GPT (The New ChatGPT Copilotly Ai)

    In this article, we will explore a revolutionary AI tool called Copilotly that is designed to assist with answering emails, responding to questions, writing content, and more. This AI-powered assistant aims to enhance productivity by providing quick and efficient solutions for various writing tasks. By leveraging Copilotly, users can streamline their workflow and improve their overall efficiency.

    To get started with Copilotly, users can simply install the Chrome extension and create an account. The tool offers a free plan with a monthly limit of 8,000 words, but users can upgrade to higher-tier plans for increased usage and features. Copilotly can be used for tasks such as summarizing text, crafting email responses, and rephrasing sentences, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of writing needs.

    Features of Copilotly:

    • Summarizing text
    • Crafting email responses
    • Rephrasing sentences
    • Chrome extension for easy access

    How to Use Copilotly:

    1. Install the Copilotly Chrome extension.
    2. Create an account and choose a plan.
    3. Access Copilotly while writing emails or browsing the web.
    4. Utilize features like summarization, email response generation, and sentence rephrasing.

    By incorporating Copilotly into their workflow, users can save time and effort in writing tasks, thereby boosting their productivity and efficiency.


    AI tool, Copilotly, Chrome extension, productivity, writing assistance, email responses, summarization


    1. What is Copilotly? Copilotly is an AI tool designed to assist with answering emails, summarizing text, and crafting written content more efficiently.

    2. How can users access Copilotly? Users can install the Copilotly Chrome extension and create an account to start using the tool for various writing tasks.

    3. What features does Copilotly offer? Copilotly offers features such as summarizing text, generating email responses, and rephrasing sentences to help users with their writing needs.

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