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    AI in Your Web Browser is a GAME CHANGER | Microsoft Edge

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    AI in Your Web Browser is a GAME CHANGER | Microsoft Edge

    Are you ready for a game-changing browsing experience? Microsoft Edge has introduced AI integration directly into its web browser, unlocking a range of new features. With AI capabilities, you can now ask questions about the website you're currently on, compose messages, upscale videos, and improve video quality. These are just a few of the exciting AI features Edge has to offer. In comparison, Google Chrome, the most popular browser, does not yet have AI features built-in. Let's explore how you can use these AI features in Microsoft Edge.

    AI Features in Microsoft Edge

    When you open Microsoft Edge, you'll notice a new icon in the top right-hand corner – the Bing logo, labeled the Discover pane. Clicking on this icon will open up a wide range of AI capabilities. There are three main modes: chat mode, compose, and insights. Let's start with chat mode.

    In chat mode, you have the option to choose from different settings such as creative, balanced, or precise. These settings allow you to explore different approaches to interactions with the AI. The AI has the capability to read and analyze the website you're on, providing you with a summary of the information and key takeaways from the page. If you find the summary too dense, you can ask the AI to summarize it in simpler terms, even specifying you want it explained as if to a five-year-old. The AI will provide you with a summarized version of the page that is easier to understand.

    You can also ask specific questions about the article or website you're on. For example, you can inquire about the largest company in a particular market, and the AI will generate a response based on information from multiple reliable sources. The AI also has the ability to evaluate existing text, allowing you to understand complex terms or concepts by simply highlighting the text and asking for an explanation.

    If you prefer to access insights without actively engaging in a conversation with the AI, you can navigate to the insights tab. Here, you'll find a question and answer section based on information from the article or website. It also provides key points from the page, highlights various page topics, and suggests related websites.

    AI functionality in Edge is not limited to browsing websites. You can also leverage AI when composing emails. The AI can help you generate text for your email responses based on the tone and length you prefer. Whether you want to be funny or formal, the AI will assist you in crafting your message. Additionally, Edge offers AI assistance when writing social media posts, predicting your next sentence and offering suggestions to complete it.

    The Future with AI in Edge

    While we have explored the current AI functionality in Edge, Microsoft has a plethora of AI features in the pipeline. By downloading the Microsoft Edge Canary build, users can get a preview of upcoming AI capabilities. For instance, Microsoft video super resolution is an experiment that uses AI to enhance video quality. Though it requires a powerful graphics card, this feature can significantly improve the clarity of low-resolution videos. As AI technologies continue to evolve, we can anticipate even more impressive enhancements in the future.


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    Q: What AI capabilities does Microsoft Edge offer?
    A: Microsoft Edge offers a wide range of AI capabilities, such as chat mode for conversational interactions, the ability to summarize web pages in simpler terms, answering specific questions about websites, evaluating text, composing emails with AI-generated responses, and assistance in writing social media posts.

    Q: How does AI improve video quality in Microsoft Edge?
    A: By leveraging AI technologies, Microsoft Edge can enhance video quality even for low-resolution videos. The AI analyzes the content and applies algorithms to reduce pixelation and sharpen the image, resulting in a significantly better viewing experience.

    Q: Are there any upcoming AI features in Microsoft Edge?
    A: Yes, Microsoft has several AI features in the pipeline. Users can access upcoming features by downloading the Microsoft Edge Canary build, which offers a preview of new capabilities. For example, the Microsoft video super resolution experiment aims to further enhance video quality using AI techniques.

    Q: How does Microsoft Edge compare to Google Chrome in terms of AI integration?
    A: Currently, Microsoft Edge is leading in terms of AI integration compared to Google Chrome. While Edge offers a wide range of AI features directly within the browser, Google Chrome does not yet have built-in AI capabilities.

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