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    AI influencers are getting filthy rich... let's build one

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    AI influencers are getting filthy rich... let's build one

    Itana, an Instagram model from Barcelona, has been gaining viral popularity for her down-to-earth personality, love for fitness, and video games. She offers additional photos on a subscription tier that brings in around $ 10,000 per month. However, the twist is that Itana is not a biological female but a completely artificial woman created using AI. The script delves into the world of artificial influencers and provides a guide on how to build your own AI influencer using open-source generative image models like stable diffusion XL and checkpoints like Juggernaut.

    The script outlines the emergence of generative adversarial networks and the progress made in creating realistic images with AI models over the years. It discusses how AI-generated content is monetized and highlights the tools and resources available for individuals to create their own AI influencers for free. The focus is on utilizing open-source generative AI models, such as stable diffusion XL, and user-friendly interfaces like Focus for generating high-quality images. Additionally, it touches on the potential of AI beyond images, mentioning advancements in text-to-video platforms.


    • Instagram model
    • AI influencers
    • Generative image models
    • Stable diffusion XL
    • Juggernaut
    • Open-source AI
    • Focus UI
    • Artificial influencer
    • Monetization
    • Text-to-video platforms


    • What is the concept of AI influencers? AI influencers are digital personas created using artificial intelligence technologies to engage with audiences on platforms like social media. These influencers, like Itana in the script, can be entirely artificial yet gain significant popularity and revenue through their content.

    • How can one build an AI influencer? Building an AI influencer involves utilizing open-source generative image models like stable diffusion XL, along with tools such as Focus UI, to generate realistic images. By following tutorials and leveraging available resources, individuals can create their own artificial influencers for various purposes.

    • What are some tools mentioned for creating AI influencers? The script mentions tools like stable diffusion XL, Juggernaut, and Focus UI for generating AI influencer images. It also hints at the potential of text-to-video platforms for expanding the capabilities of AI-generated content beyond static images.

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