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    AI ka ye Anokha Feature #techshorts #ai #techiela #shorts

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    AI ka ye Anokha Feature #techshorts #ai #techiela #shorts

    This article discusses a fascinating new feature in AI technology that allows users to manipulate photos in incredible ways. The feature, similar to the popular Dali Doobi trend, enables users to change elements like clothing color, hairstyle, and even add virtual objects like sunglasses and dinosaurs to their photos. The article explores how this technology is being used to create fun and creative images that can be shared with friends and followers.


    AI feature, photo manipulation, Dali Doobi, clothing color change, hairstyle change, virtual objects, sunglasses, dinosaurs, creative images


    1. How does the AI feature work? The AI feature described in the article uses advanced image recognition and manipulation algorithms to identify and modify specific elements within a photo, such as clothing colors, hairstyles, and virtual objects.

    2. What are some examples of photo manipulations possible with this feature? Users can change the color of their clothing, try out different hairstyles, add virtual objects like sunglasses or dinosaurs to their photos, and create fun and creative images to share with others.

    3. Is this AI feature widely available for public use? While the article mentions a video showcasing this AI feature, it does not specify whether the technology is currently accessible to the public. It is possible that similar features may be offered by specific apps or platforms in the future.

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