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    AUTO AI MASK in After Effects With Just 1 CLICK! (Mask Prompter)

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    AUTO AI MASK in After Effects With Just 1 CLICK! (Mask Prompter)

    This plugin offers the ability to utilize AI for automatic edge detection and subject separation from the background in After Effects. The process involves installing the plugin, applying it to the video, creating a mask shape around the subject, adjusting mask settings, animating the mask if needed, and refining the output. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the AI mask feature in After Effects for professional results.

    1. Installation and Application: First, install the plugin in After Effects and search for it in the effects and presets panel. Apply the AI mask to the video clip.

    2. Masking and Subject Selection: Use the shape tool to create a mask shape around the subject. Ensure accurate selection by setting the path to mask one.

    3. Mask Adjustment and Animation: Address any issues like disconnecting edges when the subject's hand goes outside the box by animating the mask. This involves creating keyframes and adjusting the mask shape to re-establish connections.

    4. Output Settings: Choose between matte or transparent output modes. Matte focuses on the overlay, while transparent eliminates the background entirely.

    5. Edge Enhancement: Soften sharp edges using the edge enhancement feature by setting it to small, medium, or high for a more natural look.

    6. Target Specific Areas: Utilize the point target option to focus on specific areas of the video. This allows for targeted effects and modifications, like changing the color of a specific object.

    7. Color Manipulation: Apply effects such as Hue and Saturation to the selected areas for creative enhancements. Experiment with different color settings to achieve the desired look.

    8. Animating Effects: Create dynamic color changes by animating the selected areas. Set keyframes for color adjustments to achieve engaging visual effects.


    AI mask, After Effects, subject separation, edge detection, masking, animation, color manipulation, point target, transparent output


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    2. How can I fix disconnected edges when animating the mask around a moving subject?
    3. What output options are available when using the AI mask feature in After Effects?
    4. Is it possible to target specific areas for modifications using the point target option?
    5. How can I enhance the visual appeal of the subject after applying the AI mask in After Effects?

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