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    Account ineligible For Tiktok Creativity Program Identity Ishues #ytshorts

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    Account ineligible For Tiktok Creativity Program Identity Ishues #ytshorts

    Here friends, one brother's account is ok, son, here his verified identity is ok, it was an issue, it was verified earlier, again they gave this program in the same way, ok, so Alhamdulillah, I got brother's account recovered. I will also show you their earnings etc. Their earnings, friends, you can give, okay 504, 680 dollars for this month, friends, their total earning is 206 million views and the RPM is 0.19, so friends, if you liked the video then it is mandatory to like the video. If you are on my channel then please subscribe the channel thank you for watching and if any issue you can contact me thank you for watching.


    • TikTok
    • Account Recovery
    • Earnings
    • Views
    • RPM
    • Channel Subscriber


    • What account issue was resolved in the video?
    • How much did the account owner earn this month?
    • What actions are viewers encouraged to take in the video?

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