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    Acer C710 Review | Chrome OS Review | One Year Later

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    Acer C710 Review | Chrome OS Review | One Year Later

    After scouring eBay for a deal, the author managed to snag an Acer C710 Chromebook for a bargain price of $ 115. In this detailed review, the author shares their first experiences with Chrome OS on the Acer C710, highlighting its performance, features, and overall usability.

    This Chromebook operates on Chrome OS, a system that heavily relies on Google Chrome for most tasks. From Google Music to games, everything is accessed through Google Chrome, making it a streamlined experience. While the OS is primarily web-centric, the upcoming compatibility with Android apps shows promise for increased functionality.

    Despite its budget-friendly price, the Acer C710 Chromebook performs well with no signs of lag, smooth multitasking, and solid video playback. The web store offers a range of apps, though many are essentially links to websites. The laptop itself has a cheaper feel, especially with small keys and poor speakers, requiring headphones for clear audio. Battery life is average, lasting around three to five hours depending on usage.

    Overall, the author sees potential in Chrome OS and looks forward to the update allowing the use of Android apps. Despite some drawbacks, the Acer C710 serves its purpose well for web-based tasks.


    Acer C710, Chrome OS, Chromebook, Google Chrome, performance, budget-friendly, web-centric, Android apps, multitasking, web store, speakers, battery life.


    1. What is the price range of the Acer C710 Chromebook?
    2. How does Chrome OS function on the Acer C710 in terms of performance?
    3. What are the standout features and limitations of the Acer C710 Chromebook?
    4. Is the upcoming update for compatibility with Android apps a game-changer for Chrome OS on the Acer C710?
    5. How does the battery life of the Acer C710 compare to other laptops on the market?

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