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    Add Custom Logo or Watermark to Your Videos (InShot Tutorial)

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    Add Custom Logo or Watermark to Your Videos (InShot Tutorial)

    In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to add a custom logo or watermark to your videos using InShot. Adding branding elements to your videos can help create a professional look and protect your content from being used without permission.

    To start, there are two simple ways to add branding to your videos using InShot. The first method involves adding a text watermark, while the second method allows you to import your custom logo as a sticker.

    Adding a Text Watermark:

    1. Import your video clip into InShot.
    2. Add a text overlay and adjust the color and opacity settings to your preference.
    3. Extend the text overlay to cover the entire clip duration.
    4. Your text watermark is now ready.

    Importing a Custom Logo:

    1. Tap on the sticker option in InShot.
    2. Import your custom logo from your camera roll.
    3. Scale the logo to your desired size and adjust the opacity.
    4. Extend the logo to cover the entire clip duration for consistent branding.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily enhance your videos with custom branding elements using InShot.

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    1. Can I add multiple custom logos or watermarks to my videos using InShot?
    2. Does InShot offer any pre-designed watermark templates for users to utilize?
    3. How can I ensure that my custom logo appears consistently throughout the video duration?
    4. Is there a limit to the file size or dimensions of the custom logo that can be imported into InShot?
    5. Are there any specific formats required for the custom logo file, apart from PNG, for optimal use in InShot?

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