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    Advanced CapCut Tutorial - AI Video & Audio on Desktop

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    Advanced CapCut Tutorial - AI Video & Audio on Desktop

    In this advanced tutorial, we will explore the powerful features of CapCut for desktop, focusing on AI video and audio capabilities. CapCut is an editing software that allows you to create stunning animated titles, graphics, and effects with ease and precision. Whether you are a novice or an experienced editor, CapCut's intuitive interface and flexible tools will make your editing process smoother and more enjoyable.

    Getting Started with CapCut for Desktop

    CapCut for desktop provides a seamless and contained layout for all your editing needs. Unlike other editing software, there's no need to switch between different windows. Everything you need is conveniently located within a single interface. Let’s take a closer look at how to create impressive titles using CapCut.

    Adding and Customizing Text

    To add text to your project, simply select the "Add Text" option from the menu at the top of the screen. In the left panel, choose "Add Text" and then click on the default text box to add a brown text clip to the timeline. You can change the text by editing the box on the right and select a font from the drop-down menu. Additionally, you can adjust the size and position of the text box by dragging the corners.

    Animating Text

    One of the standout features of CapCut is its ability to create captivating text animations. To add animations to your text, select the text clip on the timeline and navigate to the Animation tab in the top menu. There are three types of animations available: intro, out, and loop. Intro adds an animation to the beginning of the text, out adds one to the end, and loop adds animation throughout the duration of the text. Preview the animations by hovering over them and choose the desired animation by clicking on it. You can customize the duration of animations by using the slider.

    Adding Stickers and AI Characters

    CapCut provides a wide range of stickers and AI characters that can enhance your videos. Stickers can be found under the Stickers heading and offer various options to complement your content. AI characters, on the other hand, allow you to generate videos of virtual characters speaking text inputted by you. Experiment with different stickers and characters to add personality and creativity to your videos.

    Creating Video-in-Text Effects

    One of the popular effects in editing is the video-in-text technique. CapCut simplifies this process by allowing you to add a compound clip, which combines a text layer and a video layer. By using the cutout feature, you can remove the background of the top video layer and reveal the video behind the text. This gives you the ability to place videos within your text, creating visually stunning effects.

    AI Video and Audio Effects

    CapCut's AI capabilities extend to both video and audio effects. You can use the AI characters to generate videos of virtual characters speaking your text lines. Additionally, CapCut offers a text-to-speech feature that allows you to choose different voices for your AI characters. Furthermore, the audio effects library provides a variety of sound effects to enhance your videos. You can also import your own sound effects or adjust their volume using the intuitive volume slider.


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    Q: Can I personalize the animations and effects in CapCut? A: While CapCut offers a wide range of preset animations and effects, you cannot fully customize them. However, you can choose from a variety of options and combine them to achieve the desired result.

    Q: Can I use my own music in CapCut? A: Yes, you can import your own music into CapCut and use it in your projects. Simply drag and drop your music file into the media window and add it to your timeline.

    Q: Can I edit the text in an AI video generated by CapCut? A: Yes, you can edit the text in an AI video by simply selecting the video clip and modifying the text in the text editor window. This gives you flexibility in customizing the dialogue of your AI characters.

    Q: Can I export my projects in different file formats using CapCut? A: Yes, CapCut allows you to export your projects in various formats, including popular video file formats such as MP4 and MOV. You can choose the desired format and adjust other export settings before saving your project.

    Q: Can I use CapCut for professional video editing? A: While CapCut is a powerful editing software, it may not have all the advanced features and capabilities of professional software like Adobe Premiere Pro. However, CapCut is suitable for a wide range of video editing needs, including YouTube content creation and social media videos.

    Note: This article is a summary and walkthrough of advanced features of CapCut for desktop, focusing on AI video and audio effects. CapCut provides an intuitive interface and powerful tools for users to create impressive animated titles, graphics, and effects. With its user-friendly features and flexibility, CapCut is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced editors.

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