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    Animated story telling of your product using Steve.AI | Animated Video Maker | Product Video

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    Animated storytelling of your product using Steve.AI | Animated Video Maker | Product Video

    Animated storytelling has proven to be one of the most innovative ways to narrate your brand story to customers without the need for extensive video production. With the help of Steve.AI's new set of animated characters, creating attention-grabbing videos becomes seamless. In this tutorial, we will explore how to leverage animated characters to make your video presence stand out and create engaging product narratives.

    As soon as you log in to Steve.AI, you can choose the crypto animated option and input your script. The AI assists in selecting keywords or allows you to insert your own to provide contextual understanding. You can then choose a theme and delve into character expressions and actions in detail. The platform offers a diverse range of characters inclusive of various attributes like color, size, culture, religion, and race. In this example of a video promoting a cooking product, a female character named Sarah is selected for the storyline. By choosing suitable actions and expressions, such as eating in this case, the video narrative comes to life effortlessly.

    Meet Sarah, a busy professional who struggles to find time for meal prep amidst her hectic schedule. The introduction of "The Choppies," a revolutionary kitchen tool, transforms Sarah's cooking experience. The Choppies' unique design and sharp blades make meal prep efficient and enjoyable. With its dishwasher-safe feature, Sarah can now whip up healthy and delicious meals in no time, bidding adieu to traditional chopping methods. The video seamlessly illustrates how The Choppies become Sarah's ultimate kitchen companion, catering to busy professionals like her.

    That video was easy to create and engaging to watch, showcasing the power of animated storytelling with Steve.AI. Dive into the realm of innovative brand storytelling and captivate your audience with compelling product narratives.


    • Animated storytelling
    • Steve.AI
    • Brand narrative
    • Product video
    • Animated characters
    • Video creation
    • Innovative storytelling
    • Kitchen product promotion
    • Busy professionals
    • Meal prep


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    • What are the benefits of using animated characters in product videos?
    • How does Steve.AI simplify the process of creating animated videos?
    • Can I customize characters and actions in my animated videos on Steve.AI?
    • What are the key features of The Choppies kitchen tool highlighted in the video?

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