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    Apple NEVER Learns. - M2 Macbook Review

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    Apple NEVER Learns - M2 MacBook Review

    Apple recently released the M2 MacBook Air, which caused quite a stir due to its lack of a cooling system. The internet reacted with concerns about potential overheating issues and the possibility of the laptop causing fires. In this article, we will explore whether these concerns are justified, compare the M2 MacBook Air to similarly priced PC laptops, and discuss the need to reevaluate our perceptions of laptop cooling.

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    Apple's Cooling Solution

    Apple's decision to use a thin metal heat spreader attached to the SOC (System on a Chip) in the M2 MacBook Air was met with criticism. Instead of opting for a more substantial cooling system like a finned radiator or a fan, Apple chose paper-thin stamped sheet aluminum. This design relies on the chassis of the laptop to act as a heatsink.

    While this cooling solution may have worked for the previous M1 MacBook Air, which performed well under bursty workloads, it doesn't seem to hold up with the M2 MacBook Air. Under sustained load, the M2 SOC reaches a high temperature of 99 degrees Celsius, far exceeding the capabilities of the cooling system.

    Apple might argue that the MacBook Air is not designed for heavy workloads, and users should opt for the MacBook Pro if they require more performance. However, even the MacBook Pro with an M2 chip is not released yet, making it difficult for users to find a suitable option.

    The Performance of the M2 MacBook Air

    Despite the cooling concerns, the M2 MacBook Air does showcase some improvements over its predecessor. The design is reminiscent of the 14-inch MacBook Pro, featuring MagSafe charging and Thunderbolt 4 ports. It is also thinner overall and offers a more comfortable user experience. Additionally, the M2 Air shows improved performance in real-world workloads, such as Adobe Lightroom exports and video encoding with Compressor. It outperforms the M1 Air in these tasks.

    However, when it comes to gaming and sustained heavy workloads, the M2 MacBook Air falls short. Its cooling solution restricts its performance, resulting in a significant decrease in frame rates and lower benchmark scores compared to the M2 MacBook Pro.


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    1. Is the M2 MacBook Air prone to overheating?

      • The M2 MacBook Air does have overheating concerns under sustained heavy workloads due to its inadequate cooling solution.
    2. Is the M2 MacBook Air suitable for gaming?

      • The M2 MacBook Air's cooling limitations result in lower frame rates and performance in gaming compared to the M2 MacBook Pro.
    3. Can the M2 MacBook Air handle real-world workloads?

      • The M2 MacBook Air performs well in bursty tasks such as photo editing or web browsing. However, under sustained heavy workloads, its performance may be compromised.
    4. Should I choose the M2 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

      • The decision depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you require more power and better cooling, the MacBook Pro may be a better option. However, for lighter usage and a lower price point, the M2 MacBook Air can still be a viable choice.

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