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    AutoPod AI Edited My Video in 22 Seconds

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    AutoPod AI Edited My Video in 22 Seconds

    AutoPod is a new AI plugin for Premiere Pro that has taken video editing to a whole new level. As someone who edits interviews and YouTube videos, I have been using AutoPod for the past couple of weeks, and it has completely transformed my workflow. It's so efficient that it almost feels like it could take over my job. In this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of this new software and whether it's worth considering for video editors.

    The Three Features of AutoPod

    AutoPod offers three main features: the Jump Cut Editor, the Social Clip Editor, and the Multicam Editor. I will go through each of these plugins in the order of their usefulness, based on my personal experience.

    The Multicam Editor

    The Multicam Editor in AutoPod is a game-changer for editing interviews. It allows you to create a rough cut of your sequence in a matter of minutes. To use this feature, you need to set up your sequence with multiple video tracks and select your cutting method. AutoPod will automatically cut between different camera angles based on your settings. It's incredibly efficient and saves a significant amount of time. However, the plugin does not cut the audio tracks, so you still need to manually enable and disable them. Additionally, there have been a few instances where the plugin focused on the wrong person in the multicam shot. Nevertheless, the Multicam Editor is a powerful tool and receives a rating of 8 out of 10.

    The Jump Cut Editor

    The Jump Cut Editor is a simple and straightforward plugin that cuts out the silences in a single video clip. This feature is excellent for creating concise YouTube videos or eliminating unnecessary pauses in recorded footage. With just a few clicks, AutoPod cuts out the silences and provides you with a rough cut to start with. It's a useful tool and receives a rating of 8 out of 10.

    The Social Clip Editor

    The Social Clip Editor allows you to crop your footage to various aspect ratios, such as 9x16 for vertical content. It also offers auto-reframing, adding watermarks or end pages, and creating social clips from horizontal content. This feature is perfect for creating content for platforms like Instagram reels. It does a decent job of reframing the footage, although there have been a few instances where it focused on the wrong speaker in multicam shots. Overall, the Social Clip Editor is a helpful tool and receives a rating of 8 out of 10.


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    Q: Is AutoPod AI worth it for video editors? A: If you frequently edit interviews or have a need for efficient video editing, AutoPod AI is definitely worth considering. It saves significant time and enhances your workflow.

    Q: Can AutoPod AI edit audio tracks? A: Unfortunately, AutoPod AI only cuts video tracks and does not directly edit audio. Audio tracks need to be manually enabled or disabled.

    Q: Does AutoPod AI work well with the Multicam Editor? A: AutoPod AI's Multicam Editor is a powerful tool but has a few drawbacks. Sometimes it focuses on the wrong person in multicam shots, and it does not allow you to view all camera angles simultaneously.

    Q: Does AutoPod AI have any performance issues? A: Some users have experienced minor performance issues, such as buffering when dragging audio clips. However, these issues do not significantly hinder the overall experience.

    Q: Is AutoPod AI suitable for hobbyist video editors? A: While AutoPod AI can significantly improve efficiency and workflow, it's important to consider the cost. If video editing is a hobby and not a professional pursuit, the cost should be taken into account before investing in the plugin.

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