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    Automated AI Video Editing Inside Premiere Pro

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    Automated AI Video Editing Inside Premiere Pro

    Hello everyone! My name is Sam, and in this article, I will be demonstrating how to utilize a cutting-edge AI tool for music video editing. If you're curious about the software I am using, stay tuned until the end where I will disclose it and provide a link in the description. Let's dive in!

    I navigate to the window extensions and click on automated video editing. This action prompts the creation of a sequence with settings that can be modified, such as keeping 30 frames per second at 1080p. With the music and video folders generated, I proceed to select a track from the Story Block plugin, drag it into the music folder, and curate video clips, easily sourced through the same plugin. These clips are then arranged and edited based on settings like cut speed, shot duration, and more. After initiating the editing process, the tool automatically synchronizes the video cuts to the beat of the music track, making the editing workflow seamless and efficient.

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    Automated Editing, AI Tool, Music Video, Premiere Pro, Story Block Plugin, Editing Workflow


    1. How does the automated video editing tool streamline the editing process?

      • The tool synchronizes video cuts to the beat of the music track, simplifying the process of creating dynamic music videos.
    2. Where can the necessary plugins and tools be accessed for automated video editing?

      • Plugins like the Story Block plugin can be utilized within Premiere Pro to easily source music tracks and video clips for editing.
    3. Can users customize the editing settings to suit their preferences?

      • Yes, users have the flexibility to adjust settings such as cut speed, shot duration, transitions, and more to tailor the editing process to their liking.

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