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    Autopod AI Finished An Hour Of My Work In 11 Seconds!

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    Autopod AI Finished An Hour Of My Work In 11 Seconds!

    For everyone who's ever edited a video, you understand the time-consuming process of cutting away unnecessary parts of a video. It's an essential task, but it can be tedious and eat up a lot of time. However, there is now an AI tool called Autopod FM that promises to revolutionize the editing process, saving users hours of work. This article explores how Autopod FM works and its impact on video editing workflows.

    The speaker introduces Autopod FM as a game-changer in video editing, specifically focusing on its jump cut editing function. By paying $ 39 a month and downloading the program from, users can add it as an extension within Premiere Pro. The speaker shares a before-and-after experience of using Autopod FM, showcasing how it drastically reduced the time spent on editing a video by automatically removing silent parts and gaps in dialogue.

    The demonstration in the video shows how Autopod FM efficiently identifies and cuts out unnecessary sections, significantly reducing the overall video duration. Users only need to select the desired DB cutoff, run the extension, and watch as the tool works its magic in real time. The result is a streamlined video with minimal effort, allowing editors to focus on other creative aspects of their projects.

    The speaker also mentions the availability of other features in Autopod FM, such as the multi-camera editor and social clip creator, though they have not personally explored these functions. The article concludes with a call to action for viewers to try out Autopod FM and subscribe to the channel for more content.


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    1. How does Autopod FM revolutionize the video editing process? Autopod FM uses AI technology to automatically remove silent parts and gaps in dialogue, significantly reducing the time spent on initial editing tasks.

    2. What are the key features of Autopod FM? Autopod FM offers functions like jump cut editing, multi-camera editing, and social clip creation to streamline the editing process for video content creators.

    3. How can users integrate Autopod FM into their editing workflow? Users can download Autopod FM from the official website, add it as an extension within Premiere Pro, and utilize its automatic editing capabilities to enhance their videos efficiently.

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