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    The TikTok creativity program is currently blowing up, and it's becoming a lucrative platform for creators. To benefit from it, having good niches is crucial. In this article, we will explore some high RPM niches that can help you make $ 10,000 a month using the TikTok creativity program. These niches have broad appeal, Evergreen content potential, endless content ideas, and the potential to build a devoted following.

    Health Niche

    One popular niche on TikTok is health and fitness. By sharing health tips, fitness advice, and other related content, you can attract a wide audience. This niche meets all the criteria we mentioned earlier: it has broad appeal, as everyone cares about health; it offers Evergreen content opportunities because health is always a relevant topic; there are endless content ideas to explore, such as tips for a healthy lifestyle or information about specific foods or exercises.

    Celebrity Niche

    The celebrity niche is another profitable option. People have a strong affinity towards their favorite celebrities, often forming devoted fan bases. By creating content centered around celebrities, you can tap into this audience's enthusiasm. Covering celebrity news, events, or even sharing personal encounters can attract millions of views. This niche also meets the criteria for success on TikTok, as it has a broad following, is Evergreen due to the continuous interest in celebrities, and offers endless content possibilities.

    Sports Facts Niche

    An untapped niche on TikTok is sports facts. Sharing interesting facts, trivia, or stories about popular sports figures can engage sports enthusiasts. By using AI-generated voices, subtitles, and captivating images, you can easily create compelling videos. This niche has the potential for success because sports have a passionate following, and there are numerous sports-related topics to explore. This Evergreen niche will always find an audience interested in sports, making it a promising choice for TikTok creators.

    Epic Storytelling Niche

    The epic storytelling niche, particularly focused on religious texts like the Bible, is also gaining traction on TikTok. Many creators read scriptures or share biblical stories with AI-generated voices and captivating background images. This niche, especially within the Christian community, has a large and dedicated audience. It offers Evergreen potential, as religious texts are timeless, and there are endless stories, lessons, and discussions to explore.


    • TikTok creativity program
    • High RPM niches
    • Faceless content
    • AI-generated content
    • Health and fitness
    • Celebrity news
    • Sports facts
    • Epic storytelling
    • Religious texts


    Q: How much money can I make using the TikTok creativity program in these niches? A: The earning potential varies depending on factors like video views, engagement, and monetization strategies. However, with dedicated efforts, creators can make around $ 10,000 per month in these niches.

    Q: Are these niches saturated on TikTok? A: While these niches are popular, they still offer opportunities for new creators. By bringing your unique perspective or adding creativity to these niches, you can differentiate yourself and attract a dedicated following.

    Q: Do I need any special skills or equipment to create content in these niches? A: While having experience or knowledge in the chosen niche is beneficial, it is not a strict requirement. You can use AI-generated voices, royalty-free images, and video editing apps to create compelling content with minimal equipment or technical expertise.

    Q: How can I ensure my content remains Evergreen in these niches? A: By focusing on timeless topics within the niche, such as health tips, celebrity news, sports history, or religious stories, you can ensure your content remains relevant over time. Consistently researching and exploring new angles in these niches will help you provide fresh and engaging content to your audience.

    Q: Can I monetize my TikTok content in these niches? A: Yes, TikTok offers various monetization options, such as the TikTok Creator Fund and brand partnerships. As your following grows, you can explore different avenues to monetize your content, including sponsored posts, merchandise sales, or affiliate marketing.

    Remember, success on TikTok requires consistency, creativity, and a deep understanding of your target audience. By leveraging these high RPM niches and using AI technologies to streamline your content creation process, you can pave your way to earning $ 10,000 per month on the TikTok creativity program.

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