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    BULK CREATE 30 Instagram Posts In 10 Mins Using Canva & ChatGPT (New Canva Pro Feature)

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    BULK CREATE 30 Instagram Posts In 10 Mins Using Canva & ChatGPT (New Canva Pro Feature)

    In the video tutorial, the process of creating 30 Instagram posts in less than 10 minutes using ChatGPT, Google Sheets, and Canva bulk create feature is demonstrated. The step-by-step guide covers using ChatGPT to generate quotes, organizing the data in Google Sheets, designing templates in Canva, and bulk creating the posts with different backgrounds and images. Let's delve into the detailed process:

    Firstly, the content generation begins with using ChatGPT to create specific quotes for the Instagram posts. The speaker creates a detailed prompt to guide ChatGPT in generating the desired quotes. Following this, the quotes are copied into a Google Sheets document, ensuring to paste only values to maintain the formatting. The data is then saved as a CSV file for easy import into Canva.

    Moving on to Canva, a template is selected, and text elements for quotes and authors are added. Using the bulk create feature, the CSV file is uploaded, and data fields are matched with the columns from the Google Sheets document. Text elements are connected to the corresponding data fields, allowing for the automatic generation of 30 unique Instagram posts.

    To customize the backgrounds of the posts, the speaker explains a manual process where images are added one by one to each page. Additionally, a tip is shared to add a dark filter over the image frame to ensure visibility of text on all backgrounds. Once the design is finalized, images can be downloaded or directly shared on social media platforms like Instagram.

    The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide for efficiently creating multiple Instagram posts using ChatGPT, Google Sheets, and the bulk create feature in Canva. By following these steps, users can streamline their content creation process and maintain a cohesive visual aesthetic across multiple posts.


    • Instagram posts
    • Canva bulk create
    • ChatGPT content generation
    • Google Sheets organization
    • Design customization
    • Background customization
    • Social media content creation


    • Can I use this method for creating posts on other social media platforms besides Instagram?
      Yes, the same process can be applied to create posts for various social media platforms by adjusting the templates and content to suit the specific platform requirements.

    • Is it necessary to use ChatGPT for content generation, or can I write my own quotes?
      While ChatGPT simplifies the content creation process by generating quotes, you can certainly write your own content and follow the same Canva bulk create process with manually inputted data.

    • How can I ensure the text is readable on different background images?
      To ensure text visibility on various backgrounds, you can add a dark filter over the image frame in Canva, making the text stand out against lighter backgrounds.

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