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    Beginner Tries Tiktok Dropshipping(WENT VIRAL) Pt.2

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    Beginner Tries Tiktok Dropshipping(WENT VIRAL) Pt.2

    Note: The following is a rewrite of a video script into an article.


    For over 10 months, I have been attempting to make money with dropshipping, facing numerous failures and losing thousands of dollars. However, I finally found success by implementing an organic TikTok strategy. In this article, I will share my journey and how I achieved profitability.

    Finding a Mentor

    After struggling with various strategies and constantly switching between them, I reached out to a Dropshipping Mentor named Michael Bernstein. He saw some of my videos and offered his assistance. During a Zoom call, Michael advised me to focus on one strategy instead of constantly changing approaches. This way, I could double down on organic TikTok growth.

    Picking the Right Products

    To begin my TikTok journey, Michael suggested I find 30 potential products for him to evaluate and choose from. I searched for popular items among dropshippers on platforms such as AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, and Amazon. After a week, I compiled the list and sent it to Michael. He selected a door sensor and light-up ice cubes as the best options.

    Content Creation and Iteration

    While waiting for the products to arrive, Michael instructed me to create a list of 30 to 50 video ideas. I quickly generated 50 ideas and shared them with Michael and Jacob, one of Michael's successful students. They filtered the ideas and provided me with the best ones.

    Once the products arrived, I started creating TikTok videos. Although I initially tried to create cinematic and visually appealing content, Michael and Jacob felt the videos were subpar. They encouraged me to refine my skills by creating 20 different versions of the chosen video. After several iterations, I produced approximately 10 videos that met their standards.

    Harnessing the Power of TikTok

    To maximize the potential of TikTok, Michael recommended creating a U.S.-based account. However, as I couldn't do this directly, I followed a method I discovered on YouTube. Using a U.S. travel SIM card from Amazon, I was able to access U.S. trends and content.

    Over the next few days, I posted TikToks, aiming to reach 1,000 followers to feature my website link in my profile. Although my early videos didn't go viral, I managed to gain nearly 300 followers within two days. Additionally, I created YouTube shorts and Instagram reels accounts, reposting my TikToks on these platforms for increased exposure.

    Overcoming Challenges and Going Viral

    Despite my efforts, I struggled to achieve viral success. Doubts crept into my mind, blaming factors such as camera quality and potential shadowbanning due to VPN usage. In an attempt to alleviate these concerns, I joined Jimmy Farley's Discord, a platform known for its successful TikTokers. There, I learned about the ZPN and SIM card method, which addressed my fears.

    However, even with improved camera quality and VPN sorted, I still couldn't achieve viral status. It was during a Zoom call with Michael and Jacob that things started to change. Jacob noted that my videos were entertaining and captivating. This realization prompted me to adopt a similar editing style from my YouTube videos, focusing on engaging viewers and maintaining interest throughout.

    The Moment of Success

    Amidst continuous content creation and experimentation, I stumbled upon a viral sound shared on the Discord. It featured a controversial product – a pen for cheating during exams. Recognizing the potential for controversy to attract attention, I shared the idea with Michael, who approved of it.

    Creating three TikTok accounts, I began incorporating humor and entertainment value into my videos. While initially recreating viral video concepts, I gradually found my unique approach. After posting a video where I ripped actual paper instead of using simulated effects, the video blew up overnight, garnering 400k views, three sales, and finally reaching 1,000 followers.

    Expanding Success and Reflecting on the Journey

    With my newfound understanding of what resonated with viewers, I leveraged this knowledge to create more humorous and engaging content. Although I could no longer recreate the same video endlessly, I managed to generate substantial sales and views with each iteration. The success of these videos made me realize the incredible opportunity TikTok presents for entrepreneurs.

    In total, my door sensor videos received a significant number of views, resulting in three sales. However, the controversial pen videos surpassed expectations, accumulating close to 90 orders and generating over one thousand dollars in sales.


    Beginner, TikTok Dropshipping, Viral Success, Organic Growth, Product Selection, Content Creation, Iteration, U.S. Trends, Achieving Virality, Controversial Marketing, Entertaining Videos, Sales, Profitability.


    Q1. How long did it take for the author to achieve success with TikTok dropshipping?

    After over 10 months of failed attempts and losses, the author found success with TikTok dropshipping after implementing an organic growth strategy recommended by a mentor.

    Q2. What was the key advice given by the mentor to the author?

    The mentor advised the author to focus on one strategy, specifically organic TikTok growth. This involved making engaging and entertaining videos to go viral and attract potential customers.

    Q3. How did the author overcome challenges like camera quality and potential shadowbanning?

    The author invested in an iPhone to improve camera quality, and after joining Jimmy Farley's Discord, they discovered the ZPN and SIM card method to address their concerns regarding potential shadowbanning.

    Q4. What was the controversial product the author went viral with?

    The controversial product that gained significant attention was a pen designed for cheating during exams.

    Q5. Did the author expand their success with other products?

    Yes, after experiencing viral success with the controversial pen videos, the author recognized the potential of TikTok for generating sales. They aimed to find a more ethical product to continue their success in TikTok dropshipping.

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