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    Best AI Video Maker Software of 2024 (AI Tools)

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    Best AI Video Maker Software of 2024 (AI Tools)

    Choosing the best artificial intelligence or AI video editor for your business is crucial in today's video content landscape. In this article, we will compare the top 5 AI video maker software options available in 2024. We will discuss the pros and cons of each tool, highlight their key features, and mention their pricing structures. Whether you are a small business owner, content creator, or marketer, finding the right AI video editing software can greatly enhance your video production process.


    Nvidia is a powerful AI video editing software designed for small businesses and brands. It offers features such as text-to-video conversion, access to stock images and videos, pre-made themes, and customizable templates. With Nvidia, users can easily generate videos based on scripts, blogs, or text input. The software's pricing starts at $ 30 per month for the business plan.

    Pick 3

    Pick 3 is another AI video editing software that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It offers pre-made templates, stock footage, and AI voice-over capabilities. Pick 3 is an affordable option starting at $ 23 per month, with a free trial available for users to test the software.


    Synthesia specializes in creating speaking avatars based on text input, making it ideal for businesses looking to create professional-quality videos quickly. However, it is priced higher than other options, starting at $ 30 per month for up to 10 minutes of video creation.


    Lumen5 is known for its quick video creation process, allowing users to create videos in just five to ten minutes. It offers templates and automatic content formatting for various platforms. Pricing for Lumen5 starts at $ 29 per month.

    Glaia Studio

    Glaia Studio offers a unique video creation style, suitable for businesses wanting to create engaging and timely videos. However, it comes at a higher price, starting at $ 300 per month for the Pro Plan.


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