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    Best AI Voice Generator For FREE in 2024

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    Best AI Voice Generator For FREE in 2024

    In this article, we will explore three of the best AI free voice generators available in 2024. We will analyze their features, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing to help you choose the right one for your needs.


    Descript is a state-of-the-art voice generator that can create an ultra-realistic clone of your own voice. It allows you to generate speech by typing the scripts, and with Overdub, you can train the software to speak in your voice. Descript offers professional voices with different moods like angry, happy, and natural. The free plan provides 1 hour per month to create 98 minutes of videos, or two videos per week, making it ideal for content creators. Pricing starts at $ 12 per month, and pros include the ability to export audio files as MP3 and having a desktop, web app, and soon a mobile version.

    11 Labs

    11 Labs offers speech synthesis and voice cloning features. With speech synthesis, you can convert text into human-like speech, while voice cloning allows you to clone a voice from a recording, including your own or a celebrity's. Pricing ranges from $ 5 to $ 330 per month, with a free plan that includes 10,000 characters per month and access to three custom voices. Users can create unlimited free characters by signing up with temporary email addresses, although the instant voice cloning feature is only available on the paid plan. provides a wide selection of synthetic voices, with 97 voices to choose from. Their editor allows for exporting in MP3 or WAV format, fine-tuning of various parameters, and custom pronunciations. The free plan offers 2,500 free words per month, while the paid plan starts at $ 31.20 per month. Like 11 Labs, users can create unlimited words with a similar method of using temporary email addresses.


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    1. Can I export audio files with Descript in the free plan?
    2. How can I create unlimited characters with 11 Labs' free plan?
    3. What features does offer for fine-tuning voices?
    4. Are there any limitations to using temporary email addresses to bypass character limits on these AI voice generators?
    5. Is voice cloning available on the free plans of Descript and

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