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    Best AI Voice Generator For YouTube Videos

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    Best AI Voice Generator For YouTube Videos

    In today's video, I'm going to reveal two AI voice generation tools that you can use to improve the quality of your YouTube videos. These tools are professional-grade text-to-speech software that can convert your video scripts into realistic voiceovers. While I usually don't recommend relying solely on text-to-speech software for growing your channel, as it may affect monetization, there are situations where these tools can be helpful. For instance, if you don't want to hire a voiceover artist or record your voice due to language or confidence issues. Now, let's dive into the two AI voice generation tools I recommend.

    Step 1: Introduction to AI Voice Generation Tools

    The first tool I recommend is Murph AI. It is possibly the best sounding AI voice generation software on the market. With a range of different voice options, Murph AI offers a realistic and high-quality voiceover experience. You can sign up for a free account to try out the different voices available and see if it meets your requirements.

    To use Murph AI, simply create a new project in the studio and select the type of audio you want to create. Start typing your text and choose the voiceover style you prefer. Murph AI offers a wide variety of voice options, and you can test them to find the perfect fit for your video. Certain voices may require an upgraded account, but the free account provides a great starting point.

    Step 2: Introducing Descript - AI Voice Generation and Complete Recording Suite

    The second tool I recommend is called Descript. Unlike Murph AI, Descript is not just a text-to-speech software but a complete recording suite. It offers features for recording voiceovers, video editing, and voice generation. Descript allows you to create a bespoke voice that matches your own voice or any other voice of your choosing.

    To use Descript, create a new project and start writing your script. Depending on your Descript account, you may be able to use your own voice or choose from the stock voices available. The free account has certain limitations, such as a limit on the number of words generated in your voice. While the generated voice may not be as accurate as your own, it is still of high quality.

    Descript offers a range of stock voices that sound great. You can choose a voice that suits your video and customize its tone, whether formal, less formal, calm, angry, or another desired emotion. Adding emotion can enhance your video's impact and engage your viewers.

    Step 3: Creating Videos in Descript with Added Features

    Descript goes beyond just voice generation. It provides a wide range of additional features, allowing you to create your entire video within the tool itself. You can add media such as videos, images, gifs, text, background music, and sound effects directly to your project.

    To add media, simply select the desired category and choose from the available options. Descript includes a vast database of videos, images, and other media that you can use in your videos without any additional cost.

    Apart from media, Descript allows you to add subtitles, customize captions with different colors and backgrounds, and even apply special effects at different points in the video to enhance emotion. You can also add shapes, waveforms, progress bars, and more to make your video visually appealing.

    With the ability to create your faceless videos, Descript becomes a powerful all-in-one tool for content creation. It streamlines the process by allowing you to write your script, generate the voiceover, and edit your video, all within a single platform.


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    Q: Can I use AI voice generation tools for monetized YouTube videos? A: While AI voice generation tools can be a cost-effective solution for voiceovers, there's a risk that YouTube may not monetize videos solely relying on text-to-speech software. You have to consider this potential limitation before implementing these tools for monetized content.

    Q: Can I use my own voice with Descript? A: Yes, Descript allows you to create a bespoke voice that matches your own voice or any other voice of your choosing, depending on your Descript account. However, free accounts may have limitations on the number of generated words.

    Q: Do AI voice generators offer different accents and tones? A: Yes, both Murph AI and Descript provide a range of accents and tones to choose from. While Murph AI offers a wider variety of voices, Descript's stock voices still provide high-quality and realistic options.

    Q: Can I add additional media to my videos using these tools? A: Yes, both Murph AI and Descript allow you to add media such as videos, images, gifs, text, background music, and sound effects. Descript offers a more extensive database of media options for you to enhance your videos.

    Q: Can I customize captions and add special effects using these tools? A: Yes, Descript allows you to customize captions with different colors and backgrounds. You can also add special effects such as shapes, waveforms, and progress bars to make your videos visually appealing.

    Q: Do these tools allow me to create an entire video within the software? A: Yes, Descript offers the capability to create your entire video within the tool itself. You can write your script, generate the voiceover, add media, customize captions, and apply special effects, all in one platform.

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