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    Best Explainer Video Software in 2022

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    Best Explainer Video Software in 2022

    If you are looking to create engaging explainer videos to educate, entertain, or interact with your audience, choosing the right software is crucial. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best explainer video software options available in 2022.

    • Pal Tune: Pal Tune is a 2D animation tool designed to create explainer videos quickly and effectively. It offers a variety of scripted templates and training programs to help you create engaging videos in just 20 minutes.

    • Raw Shorts: Raw Shorts provides users with easy access to animation tools, allowing them to customize templates with text, media, and transitions to create compelling explainer videos.

    • Motion Artist Software: This software specializes in creating motion comics and animated explainer videos. It offers user-friendly tools for bringing texts, characters, and graphical representations to life.

    • Easy Sketch Pro: With features like customizable icons, hotspots, and the ability to add registration forms, videos, and audio, Easy Sketch Pro is a versatile explainer video software option.

    • CrazyTalk Animator: Ideal for both Windows and Mac users, CrazyTalk Animator offers free templates and functional projects for creating animated explainer videos with smooth expressions and advanced features.

    • Animatron: An animated explainer video maker marketplace with pre-animated characters, props, and backgrounds. Users can customize their videos by importing images, audio, and fonts to create engaging content.


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