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    Best FREE AI Presentation Makers in 2023 | My Top 4 Tools Explained

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    Best FREE AI Presentation Makers in 2023 | My Top 4 Tools Explained

    Creating exceptional presentation slides can be a challenging task, but with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), it becomes much easier. In this article, we will explore four of the top AI-powered presentation making software available for free. These tools can assist you in generating professional and engaging presentations for seminars, project defense, or any professional setting, whether in academic institutions or outside of them.

    Slide AI

    Slide AI is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create presentation slides with AI in seconds. By installing the Slide AI extension to your Google Slides, you can automate the process of creating slides from your own text or a specified topic. You can choose the number of slides you want and even add images to make your presentation visually appealing. With just one click, Slide AI will generate a professionally designed presentation that you can easily customize and edit to your liking.

    Magic Slides

    Magic Slides is another AI-powered presentation maker that offers quick and effortless slide creation. By installing the Magic Slides app from the Google Workspace, you can create stunning presentations without much effort. Simply provide a title and topic, and Magic Slides will generate a slide deck for you. It also allows you to import images directly from the web or upload your own. With Magic Slides, you can save time and create visually appealing presentations that captivate your audience.

    Tom AI

    Tom AI is an AI-powered format for your work and ideas. By signing in to your Tom AI account, you can create professional presentations with ease. Simply give your presentation a title and specify the desired theme. Tom AI will generate a slide deck that covers the key points of your topic. You can easily customize the slides, change the theme, and add images to make your presentation more engaging. With Tom AI, you can create visually appealing presentations in a fraction of the time.

    Slide GPT

    Slide GPT is an AI-powered PowerPoint presentation creator. By providing a topic or specifying your own instructions, Slide GPT will generate a slide deck that meets your requirements. It automates the process of creating slides, allowing you to save time and mental energy. With Slide GPT, you can easily create visually appealing presentations on Google Slides or PowerPoint, making it a versatile tool for all your presentation needs.


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    Q: Can AI-powered presentation makers create visually appealing presentations? A: Yes, the AI-powered presentation makers mentioned in this article can generate visually appealing presentations with professionally designed slides and the ability to add images.

    Q: Are these presentation makers free to use? A: Yes, all the tools mentioned in this article are available for free, though some may offer additional paid features.

    Q: Can I customize the generated slides? A: Yes, you can customize and edit the slides to your liking, including changing themes, adding or removing text, and importing images.

    Q: Can I use these tools for presentations outside of academic institutions? A: Absolutely, these AI-powered presentation makers can be used for professional presentations in any setting, whether inside or outside academic institutions.

    Q: Are these tools compatible with Google Slides and PowerPoint? A: Yes, most of these tools are compatible with both Google Slides and PowerPoint, allowing you to create presentations on either platform.

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