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    Best FREE Deepfake Tools in 2023

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    Best FREE Deepfake Tools in 2023

    So let me show you how to face swap videos using two of the most efficient tools available on the market. We'll explore how to do it online as well as how to install them locally if you have a decent graphic card. Stick around until the end as I'll be demonstrating how you can take the video quality of your final result from this to this. Let's get started.

    First on our list is Swap Face. The downloading and installation process is straightforward. Just click on the link in the description to visit their website where you can download the program. Choose download for Windows, follow the instructions, create an account, and log in. After logging in, you will see the dashboard where you can use it to swap your face while streaming via your webcam, swap a video, or an image. For this video, we will use the video swap face. You will get credit to deep fake 15 videos every day for free. Otherwise, you can buy credit if you need more. Let's upload our target video and our source image, choose the deep fake quality, and wait for the results.

    Next, let's enhance the video quality of our results with the sponsored tool, HitPor. HitPor has various tools that make your life easier using AI, and today we are using their video enhancer tool to improve the quality of our swapped videos. You can denoise, enhance general quality, enhance only the face, and even colorize videos. Simply click on the link in the description, install the program, upload the video you want to enhance, choose the model and output resolution, preview the results, and export. Note that this tool requires a subscription fee but can be a valuable asset for video enhancement purposes.

    Moving on to the second deep fake tool, Rupjit is an open-source tool that you can find on GitHub. I will show you how to use it with Google Colab to utilize it in the cloud without needing a high-end graphics card. Simply click on the link provided, log in with your Google account, follow the steps to run the cells in Google Colab, and wait for your deep fake video results. Rupjit is a great free alternative for deep fake video creation.

    If you have a decent graphics card and want to install Rupjit locally, I have discovered a convenient method to do so using a one-line installer developed by troubleshoot. By following the steps in the terminal, you can easily set up and use Rupjit on your local machine. The one-line installer simplifies the setup process, making it hassle-free for users.

    Thank you for watching till the end, and if you found this video helpful, please like and maybe subscribe.


    Deepfake Tools, Face Swap, Video Enhancement, AI, Google Colab, Open-Source, Graphics Card, One-Line Installer, Troubleshoot


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