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    Best Faceless TikTok Niche! | Viral Intuition Test Niche ( How to make Videos)

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    Best Faceless TikTok Niche! | Viral Intuition Test Niche (How to make Videos)

    Stop what you are doing and take a look at this channel that has recently gained popularity with its amazing idea. With over 33 videos, more than 20 videos have reached at least 2 million views, and one video has reached a staggering 30 million views. Utilizing the TikTok creativity program, this channel is estimated to be making around $ 2,000 a month. Let's delve into the step-by-step process of creating videos in this lucrative Niche.

    To start, the Niche is called the intuition test Niche, a subbranch of psychology. The videos are designed to spark curiosity in viewers, making them watch till the end and prompting the TikTok algorithm to push the content to a wider audience.

    Creating videos for this Niche involves formulating simple intuition test questions using tools like Chat GPT or brainstorming on your own. Voiceovers can be generated using AI voice generators like 11 Labs, selecting suitable voices for a captivating presentation. Editing the video can be done on platforms like Canva, utilizing free features to design engaging visuals matching the spiritual vibes of the content.

    Sound effects from platforms like Pixabay can enhance the viewer experience, and editing the final output can be done on video editors like Cap Cut. By following these steps, you can tap into the viral potential of the intuition test Niche and create engaging content.


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    1. What is the key to creating successful videos in the intuition test Niche?
    • The key lies in formulating simple yet engaging intuition test questions that spark curiosity in viewers and keep them engaged till the end.
    1. How can AI tools like Chat GPT and 11 Labs aid in creating content for this Niche?
    • AI tools can assist in generating questions, creating voiceovers, and adding a professional touch to the videos without the need for expensive equipment or recording setups.
    1. What platforms can be used for editing videos in the intuition test Niche?
    • Platforms like Canva for designing visuals and Cap Cut for editing the final output can be utilized to create captivating content resonating with the spiritual vibes of the Niche.

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