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    Best Floor Plan Apps, Free and Paid

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    Best Floor Plan Apps, Free and Paid

    Floor plans have become a popular add-on for real estate photographers, and there are plenty of options to choose from nowadays. One particular app that stands out is Cuba Casa, which offers a free version as well as paid options. In this article, we will explore why Cuba Casa is recommended and compare it to other floor plan services.

    Results Using Cuba Casa

    Cuba Casa offers impressive results, providing accurate and detailed 2D floor plans. Even in problem areas with complex features like spiral staircases and open-to-below spaces, the app was able to capture the dimensions accurately. It even picked up on smaller details like filled closets and cluttered garages. Overall, the results with Cuba Casa were highly satisfactory.

    How Cuba Casa Works

    Cuba Casa operates through a thin client approach, using a mobile app to scan the interior outline of a property. The dimensional information gathered by the app is sent to Cuba Casa servers, where AI and machine vision algorithms create a point cloud. A QA engineer at Cuba Casa inspects the floor plan generated by the AI and makes any necessary adjustments. The final floor plan is then delivered to the user within 24 hours.

    Comparison with Other Floor Plan Services

    When comparing Cuba Casa to other floor plan services, several options stand out. iGuide offers virtual tours and floor plans but can be more expensive, especially when including the necessary equipment. Magic Plan is a feature-rich app with a low cost, but it can be time-consuming to scan an entire house. Matterport focuses primarily on virtual tours, with floor plans offered as an add-on. Cloud Pano provides floor plan options, but it is recommended to use Cuba Casa for creating the 2D floor plan and then uploading it to Cloud Pano to integrate it with virtual tours.

    Pricing and Recommendations

    Cuba Casa offers a free version with limitations, as well as paid options for faster turnaround and fixed furniture inclusion. Pricing for add-ons can be flexible, allowing photographers to create different pricing tiers based on the services offered. It is recommended to double or triple the cost of the Cuba Casa service when upselling fixed furniture or faster turnaround options. For more complex projects with designers or builders, apps like Magic Plan can be explored, although costs may be higher.

    Summary: Best Floor Plan Apps

    • Cuba Casa: Offers accurate and detailed 2D floor plans with a free option and flexible pricing for add-ons.
    • iGuide: Focuses on virtual tours with additional costs for floor plans.
    • Magic Plan: Feature-rich app with a low cost, ideal for contractors and builders.
    • Matterport: Primarily for virtual tours, with additional costs for floor plans.
    • Cloud Pano: Recommended for integration with Cuba Casa's 2D floor plans.


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    Q: Is Cuba Casa's free version sufficient for creating floor plans? A: Yes, Cuba Casa's free version offers accurate 2D floor plans with limitations on fixed furniture inclusion and turnaround time.

    Q: Can I combine Cuba Casa's floor plans with virtual tours? A: Yes, you can integrate Cuba Casa's 2D floor plans with virtual tours using apps like Cloud Pano to provide a comprehensive visualization of the property.

    Q: How should I price floor plans as an add-on service? A: It is recommended to double or triple the cost of the Cuba Casa service when offering fixed furniture inclusion or faster turnaround options as add-ons.

    Q: Are there any downsides to using Cuba Casa? A: While Cuba Casa offers impressive results, it does not provide real-time floor plans, and there is a reliance on stable internet connectivity. Additionally, there are no 3D or dollhouse floor plan options.

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