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    Best Free AI PowerPoint Makers [Generate PowerPoints with AI]

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    Best Free AI PowerPoint Makers [Generate PowerPoints with AI]

    Are you looking for a way to effortlessly create stunning presentations using artificial intelligence? Look no further! In today's article, we will uncover the best free AI tools to help you make your very own PowerPoint presentation. While there are paid options available for AI-generated presentations, we will focus exclusively on free versions in this article. Let's explore these tools and discover how they can enhance your presentation creation process.

    PowerPoint AI Features

    1. Class Point: This tool specializes in interactive slide generation. Class Point AI will analyze the information in your PowerPoint file and generate interactive questions for your presentation. You can download and install Class Point for free at Once installed, you will see the Class Point tab in your PowerPoint ribbon. In presentation mode, click on the AI button to access the AI feature. Customize the type and level of questions you want, and Class Point will generate tailor-made questions for your audience. You can save these generated slides and receive live audience responses during your presentation.

    2. Chat GBT: Chat GBT can help you create PowerPoint slides by generating VBA PowerPoint code. Simply paste a prompt into Chat GBT, and it will generate the code for you. Copy the code and open a blank PowerPoint file. In the Developer tab, click on Visual Basic and paste the code. Run the macro, and it will generate the PowerPoint file for you. You can further enhance the design using PowerPoint's built-in tools.

    3. Magic Slides (Google Slides add-on): Magic Slides is an add-on for Google Slides that allows you to turn your Google Slides document into a PowerPoint presentation. Install the Magic Slides extension and open a blank Google Slides document. Click on "Extensions" and select Magic Slides. Enter your prompt and choose from the generated options. Magic Slides will create a presentation with different layouts and high-quality stock images. You can then download the presentation as a PowerPoint file.

    4. Canva: Canva is a popular design tool that offers an AI feature to convert any Canva document into a presentation. Create a Canva document with your content or use an existing one. Click on "Convert" next to the share button, select a design template, and click "Create presentation." Canva will open a new document with your content in a presentation format. Customize the design using Canva's drag-and-drop features. To convert it into a PowerPoint presentation, click on "Share," select "More," choose the PowerPoint option, and download the file.

    5. Slides Go: Slides Go offers its own AI presentation maker tool. Enter a general topic, select a writing tone and language, and choose a template. Slides Go will generate content for your presentation. Edit the content and design using the built-in side panel. Slides Go provides various slide layouts and image options. To download it as a PowerPoint file, select "Download File" and choose the PowerPoint option.

    6. Simplified: Simplified is a multi-functional AI tool with a presentation maker feature. Sign up for a free account and access the design space. Click on "Generate with AI" and enter your prompt. Choose creativity levels, language, and template options. Simplified will generate slides based on your input. Edit the slides using the side panel, which includes a library of elements and an AI image generator. To download it as a PowerPoint file, convert it to a PDF (using the available credits) and then transform the PDF into a PowerPoint file.

    These AI PowerPoint makers offer a range of features to make your presentations more interactive, visually appealing, and efficient. Experiment with different tools to find the one that best suits your needs.


    • AI PowerPoint tools
    • Interactive slide generation
    • PowerPoint VBA code generation
    • AI-powered design
    • Google Slides to PowerPoint conversion
    • Template-based presentations
    • AI image generation
    • Presentation customization


    1. Can these free AI PowerPoint makers create interactive slides? Yes, tools like Class Point offer interactive slide generation, allowing you to engage your audience with tailored questions.

    2. Can I use these AI-powered tools to convert Google Slides into PowerPoint presentations? Magic Slides and Canva both offer features to convert Google Slides into PowerPoint files, making it easier to transfer your work between platforms.

    3. Is there a limit to the number of slides I can generate using these tools? The number of slides you can generate depends on the tool and its specific limitations. Ensure you're familiar with any restrictions before starting your presentation project.

    4. Can I customize the generated content and design in these AI PowerPoint makers? Yes, all the tools mentioned provide options for customizing the content and design of your presentations. You can edit text, add or remove elements, and make them unique to your needs.

    5. Do these AI PowerPoint makers offer high-quality stock images? Tools like Magic Slides and Canva provide access to high-quality stock images, ensuring that your presentations look professional without worrying about licensing issues.

    6. Can these tools generate AI-powered images to enhance my PowerPoint presentations? Yes, Simplified offers an AI image generator to create images tailored to your presentation content.

    7. Are these AI PowerPoint makers completely free? While these tools offer free versions, some may have premium features or limitations. Be sure to check the specifics of each tool to understand their pricing models.

    Experiment with these free AI-based PowerPoint makers and take your presentations to the next level with visually stunning designs, interactive slides, and efficient content generation.

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