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    Best Free AI Text To Animated Video Generator Tool

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    Best Free AI Text To Animated Video Generator Tool

    Once upon a time in a quaint little village nestled between rolling hills and bubbling streams, there lived a wise and righteous King named King Harmonious. His kingdom, known as the village of Serenity, was admired far and wide for its harmony and peacefulness. The villagers were kind and considerate, always willing to help one another. The fields were filled with colorful flowers, and the children played joyfully in the meadows.

    King Harmonious ruled with fairness and justice, believing in the power of kindness and understanding. Living in peace with one another was of utmost importance to him. In this article, we will explore a free AI tool that enables anyone to create captivating animated videos using text-to-video technology, thus allowing users to generate unique and engaging content.


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    This article introduces a free AI tool that generates high-quality animated videos from text. The tool utilizes text-to-video technology, allowing users to create captivating content without any need for animation skills or expensive software. The article outlines the five steps required to create these videos, from generating a story script to converting AI-generated images into an animated video. The article also highlights the importance of using AI-powered voiceovers and provides a list of recommended AI tools for this purpose. Additionally, the article discusses the benefits of using Leonardo AI for image generation and Pikaart for converting these images into animated videos. The article concludes by emphasizing the opportunities for monetization and the ease of creating and sharing these videos on platforms like YouTube.


    Q: What is text-to-video technology?
    A: Text-to-video technology refers to the use of artificial intelligence to automatically generate videos based on written text. This technology eliminates the need for manual video creation and animation, making it accessible to individuals without specialized skills or expensive software.

    Q: Can I use my own voiceover instead of an AI-generated one?
    A: Yes, you can use your own voiceover if you prefer a personal touch. The article mentions that you can easily record your voice using the default voice recorder on your mobile phone or use AI-generated voiceovers from platforms like Flicky, Dubtub, Marf AI, or 11 Labs.

    Q: Are there limitations to using the free version of Leonardo AI?
    A: The free version of Leonardo AI provides users with 150 credits per day, which is sufficient for personal use. However, some advanced features may require additional credits or a premium subscription. It is recommended to review the pricing details to understand any limitations or additional costs.

    Q: Can I use any video editing software to create and edit the animated videos?
    A: Yes, the article suggests using the CapCut app as a free and professional option for video editing. However, users can choose any video editing software that suits their preferences and is compatible with the files generated from the AI tools.

    Q: How can I monetize the videos created using these AI tools?
    A: Once the videos are created, they can be uploaded and monetized on platforms like YouTube. By meeting the platform's monetization requirements, such as accumulating a certain number of subscribers and watch hours, users can earn money through ad revenue, sponsorships, or other monetization strategies.

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