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    Best Free Intro Maker For YouTube Videos 2020 - Updated Tutorial

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    Best Free Intro Maker For YouTube Videos 2020 - Updated Tutorial

    Are you looking to add a professional touch to your YouTube videos with an engaging intro or outro? In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to create captivating intros and outros using a free online tool called Panzoid. This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of selecting templates, customizing text, and downloading your final creation. Let's dive in!

    To get started, visit and browse through the wide range of templates available. You can either create an account or proceed without one. Select a template that suits your style and click on it to open the Clipmaker tool. This tool allows you to preview and customize the template to your liking.

    Step 1: Creating an Intro

    • Choose a template from the collection, ensuring it aligns with your channel's theme.
    • Customize the text by clicking on the "Objects" tab on the left-hand side and selecting the "Text" option.
    • Make sure to change the text on all layers to maintain consistency.
    • Preview your changes by clicking the eyeball icon and play the video to see how it looks.
    • Once satisfied, download your intro by clicking on the download button, selecting the MKV format, and starting the video render.

    Step 2: Creating an Outro

    • Find an outro template that includes placeholders for videos and subscribe buttons.
    • Use the Clipmaker tool to customize text, such as your channel name and call-to-action messages.
    • Remember to update text on all layers for a seamless look.
    • Explore additional features like adding objects, effects, and music to enhance your outro.
    • Download your customized outro in the desired format.

    By following these steps, you can easily create professional intros and outros for your YouTube videos using Panzoid. Experiment with different templates and customization options to make your video stand out!


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    1. Can I use Panzoid's templates for free? Yes, Panzoid offers a wide range of templates that are free to use for creating intros, outros, and other video elements.

    2. Is Panzoid suitable for beginners? Absolutely, Panzoid's user-friendly interface and templates make it accessible for beginners to create professional-looking intros and outros without extensive editing skills.

    3. Can I customize the templates on Panzoid? Yes, Panzoid allows users to customize text, objects, effects, and more within the templates to personalize their intros and outros to suit their brand or style.

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