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    Blow up on TikTok! | How to grow on TikTok | TikTok growth hacks

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    Blow up on TikTok! | How to grow on TikTok | TikTok growth hacks

    If you're looking to grow on TikTok, you're in the right place. In this article, I'll share some valuable TikTok growth hacks that will help you increase your following and engagement on the platform. These hacks are based on my own experience and the success I've seen with my clients. So, let's dive in and discover how to blow up on TikTok!

    Avoid Trends

    Contrary to popular belief, one growth hack I recommend is to avoid trends. While jumping on TikTok trends used to be a reliable way to boost your account, the platform is evolving. Recent research suggests that TikTok is being used as a search engine, with users turning to it to find specific content. By focusing on building authority and credibility within specific niches, you can position yourself as an expert in that area and attract an audience searching for content related to your expertise.

    Don't Ignore Your Covers

    One often overlooked aspect of TikTok is the cover image for your videos. While TikTok allows for a more casual approach, neglecting your covers can harm your growth potential. Having compelling cover images that give viewers a glimpse of what your TikTok is about or entice them to click can significantly increase engagement and encourage binge-watching. So, take a few seconds to select a cover image that represents your video's content accurately.

    Share Something Controversial

    This growth hack is a bit unconventional and might make you feel uncomfortable, but it can be effective if done right. Sharing something controversial doesn't mean creating content with the intention of offending or provoking people. Instead, find a topic within your niche that sparks discussion or debate and share your perspective on it. By tackling controversial subjects tastefully, you can generate engagement and attract an audience interested in those discussions.

    Create Short Videos

    While longer videos have their place on TikTok, don't underestimate the power of short, snappy content. Short videos have a higher likelihood of being watched in their entirety and re-watched multiple times. When people engage with your content fully, it sends positive signals to TikTok's algorithm, indicating that your content is valuable and engaging. So, mix it up and create both short and longer videos to cater to different preferences.

    Develop a Narrative

    Crafting a compelling narrative in your TikTok content can significantly boost engagement. Whether it's a story about your dog growing up or your personal transformation journey, developing a clear start, middle, and end can keep viewers hooked throughout your videos. The stronger the narrative, the more likely people will watch your content till the end and eagerly await your next video.

    Rinse and Repeat

    Repurposing your successful content is a smart move on TikTok. Unlike other platforms, TikTok favors reusing content that has performed well in the past. You'll often see creators reposting their most popular TikToks with slight variations, and it still attracts substantial engagement and new followers. So, don't be afraid to revisit your successful content and give it another shot.

    Don't Overthink It

    Lastly, don't overthink your TikTok content. The platform embraces raw and authentic content, so you don't need to spend hours perfecting every clip. Embrace the rough edges and enjoy the spontaneity of TikTok. The more relaxed and genuine you are, the more people will connect with your content and help it go viral.


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    Q: Should I focus on TikTok trends to grow on the platform? A: While TikTok trends have been effective in the past, the platform is shifting towards a more niche-focused approach. It's recommended to build authority within specific topics and create content that resonates with your target audience.

    Q: Can I repost my TikTok videos for more engagement? A: Absolutely! Repurposing successful content is a common practice on TikTok. You can repost your most popular videos or create slight variations to attract new engagement and followers.

    Q: How important are cover images on TikTok? A: Cover images play a vital role in attracting viewers' attention and encouraging them to click on your videos. Investing a few seconds in selecting compelling cover images will improve your chances of engaging a larger audience.

    Q: Should I focus on creating short or long TikTok videos? A: It's essential to have a mix of short and long videos on your TikTok channel. Short videos are more likely to be watched in their entirety and re-watched, while longer videos allow for more in-depth content and storytelling.

    Q: Is it necessary to create controversial content on TikTok? A: While controversial topics can generate engagement and discussion, they may not be suitable for everyone. Only share controversial content if you feel comfortable and have a responsible approach to handling potential backlash or negative comments.

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