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    Building A $10,000 PC for ROBLOX

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    Building A $ 10,000 PC for ROBLOX

    Please note that this article is a summary of a video script.

    Building a $ 10,000 gaming rig may not be unusual for some, but what makes this particular build unique is the client's intention for its use. Terabrite, a content creating team, reached out for a top-of-the-line PC for their video editing and After Effects work, as well as for playing ROBLOX. While ROBLOX might not seem like a resource-intensive game, this PC was built to handle any task with zero compromises.

    Starting with the motherboard, the team opted for the ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha, providing support for multiple M.2 SSDs and up to 256GB of RAM. The centerpiece of this build is the 64-core AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor, a CPU that is so powerful it is rarely requested. However, in this case, Terabrite wanted to spare no expense.

    The PC is equipped with 128GB of 3600MHz CL18 memory, offering high capacity and performance. Two Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSDs were chosen for their exceptional speed and future storage expansion options. The case chosen was the Corsair 5000X, known for its ease of building and excellent thermal characteristics.

    For cooling the Threadripper, the team opted for a Corsair AIO liquid cooler, which was surprisingly easy to install. The power supply chosen was a 1300W 80 Plus Platinum unit, providing ample power for all components.

    To add some extra flair, additional RGB fans were installed in the build. The final touch was an Avermedia Live Gamer 4K capture card, which may or may not be necessary but was included for future needs.

    After assembly, the PC was tested with various games, including ROBLOX. Despite the game being locked at 60fps, using an FPS unlocker allowed it to run at over 200fps. The performance was smooth and enjoyable, showcasing the capabilities of the high-end components.

    In conclusion, the $ 10,000 PC build for ROBLOX and video editing purposes proved to be a powerful machine that handled any task with ease.


    Terabrite, ROBLOX, video editing, After Effects, gaming rig, motherboard, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, RAM, M.2 SSDs, Samsung 980 Pro, Corsair 5000X case, Corsair AIO liquid cooler, Avermedia Live Gamer 4K capture card, performance.


    • Why would anyone build a $ 10,000 PC for ROBLOX?
      • The PC was not exclusively built for ROBLOX but rather for video editing and After Effects work, with the ability to handle any task without compromising performance.
    • Is the PC necessary for ROBLOX?
      • While ROBLOX is not an extremely demanding game, the high-end components ensure smooth gameplay and provide future-proofing for upcoming games or tasks.
    • Why choose such expensive components?
      • The client, Terabrite, wanted a top-of-the-line machine without any compromises to handle their content creation needs and future workloads.

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