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    CARTEL BO “HOOVA” Video Went Viral For The Wrong Reasons- “All Publicity Is Good Publicity” [PART 2]

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    CARTEL BO “HOOVA” Video Went Viral For The Wrong Reasons- “All Publicity Is Good Publicity” [PART 2]

    In a recent conversation, rapper Cartel Bo reflects on the events surrounding his viral music video for "Hoova" and the aftermath of the attention it brought. The video, which gained widespread notoriety, led to legal troubles for Cartel Bo, who found himself in the crosshairs of the media and law enforcement. Despite the negative attention, Cartel Bo remains resolute, highlighting the complexities of his situation and the impact it had on his life and career.

    The conversation delves into the challenges faced by Cartel Bo as he navigated the fallout from the "Hoova" video, touching on themes of street life, media scrutiny, and personal accountability. The rapper shares his perspective on the power of attention in the entertainment industry, acknowledging that all publicity, whether positive or negative, can be beneficial in building a public persona.


    • Cartel Bo
    • "Hoova" video
    • Viral
    • Publicity
    • Entertainment industry
    • Media scrutiny
    • Street life
    • Legal troubles
    • Personal accountability


    • What was the impact of the "Hoova" video going viral on Cartel Bo's life and career?
    • How did Cartel Bo view the attention and scrutiny he received from the media and law enforcement?
    • What insights did Cartel Bo share about the entertainment industry and the concept of "all publicity is good publicity"?

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