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    COPY Color Grading From ANY VIDEO In Premiere Pro

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    COPY Color Grading From ANY VIDEO In Premiere Pro

    Today, we will explore a handy technique in Adobe Premiere Pro that allows you to copy a color grade from one video to another effortlessly. Follow the steps below to learn how to transfer a color grade from one clip to another seamlessly within Premiere Pro.

    To begin, you need to have two video clips ready – the one whose color grade you want to copy and the one you want to apply it to. In this example, let's copy the color grade of a clip featuring a desert onto a video of two people walking.

    1. Start by selecting the clip you want to apply the color grade to and navigate to the Lumetri Color panel. If you can't find it, you can activate it by going to the Window tab and selecting it from the drop-down menu.

    2. Within the Lumetri Color panel, expand the Color Wheels & Match section. Next, click on Comparison View to open a side-by-side preview window.

    3. To copy the color grade, simply click on Apply Match, and Premiere Pro will automatically transfer the color grade from the first clip to the second one.

    That’s it! You've successfully copied a color grade from one video to another in Premiere Pro.


    Premiere Pro, Color Grading, Copy Color Grade, Lumetri Color, Apply Match, Comparison View


    1. Can I copy a color grade between videos with different lighting conditions? Yes, you can copy a color grade from one video to another even if they have different lighting conditions. Premiere Pro's color matching capabilities help adapt the color grade to the new footage.

    2. Does this method work for videos shot in different resolutions? Absolutely, you can copy a color grade between videos shot in different resolutions using the Lumetri Color panel in Premiere Pro without any issues.

    3. Can I adjust the intensity of the applied color grade? Yes, after applying the color grade using the Apply Match feature, you can further adjust the intensity and fine-tune the color settings to suit your preferences using the available controls in the Lumetri Color panel.

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