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    Canva Magic Presentation: Use GPT-3 To Create a Presentation with AI

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    Canva Magic Presentation: Use GPT-3 To Create a Presentation with AI

    Hey everyone, in this video, I'm going to introduce you to Canva Magic Presentation. This feature was recently announced at Canva Create and is considered one of the best features in Canva for 2023. Let me guide you on how to get started with this fantastic tool.

    To begin, once you log into Canva, navigate to the top of the page and create a design. Choose "presentation" as the design format. In the blank presentation, opt for the "magic design" feature. There are different ways to access this tool, such as through the button on the left-hand side or by selecting "magic design" from the design button at the bottom right corner. Using GPT-3 technology, Canva will assist in generating a basic presentation based on a prompt you provide.

    For example, you can input a prompt like "Create a presentation about how technology integration helps students learn." Canva will then create multiple versions of the presentation for you, complete with visuals and content. This feature not only designs the slides but also adds relevant text and sections like an introduction, case studies, and a conclusion. After reviewing the generated presentation, you can edit the content, add more information, present it, share it, or download a copy.

    Next time you need to create a presentation, consider using Canva's Magic Design feature, which leverages artificial intelligence to quickly generate an eight-slide presentation for you.

    Thank you for watching, and if you explore Magic Design, feel free to leave a comment. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to assist.


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    1. What is Canva Magic Presentation? Canva Magic Presentation is a new feature in Canva that utilizes GPT-3 technology to generate basic presentations based on prompts provided by users.

    2. How does Canva Magic Presentation work? Users can input a prompt, such as a topic or theme for the presentation, and Canva will create multiple versions of the presentation with visuals and pre-generated content.

    3. Can users customize the presentations created by Canva Magic Presentation? Yes, users can review the generated content, edit the text, add more information, and make any necessary changes to the slides before presenting, sharing, or downloading the presentation.

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