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    CapCut Video Editing Tutorial (2024)

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    CapCut Video Editing Tutorial (2024)

    I'm going to show you how to edit your videos with CapCut on your iPhone, Android, or tablet device. Let's jump into this tutorial. I'll be demonstrating this on my tablet since I can have a mouse hooked up, but the experience is the same on iPhone or Android.

    To start, click on "New Project" and access your videos, photos, or live photos in your photo gallery. Select the video clips you want to add, then click "Add" to insert them into your project. You can rearrange clips by dragging them through the timeline.

    Trimming video clips is simple - click on a clip and use the white bars to trim. You can also split clips for more precise editing. Adding text, music, stickers, overlays, effects, filters, and transitions is easy with CapCut's user-friendly interface. Once your project is complete, save it to your photo gallery by clicking the arrow in the top right corner.


    CapCut, video editing, tutorial, iPhone, Android, tablet, trim, text, music, stickers, overlays, effects, filters, transitions.


    1. Can I use CapCut on both iPhone and Android devices?
    2. How can I trim video clips in CapCut?
    3. Is it possible to add text and music to videos in CapCut?
    4. What customization options are available for text and stickers in CapCut?
    5. How can I add overlays and apply effects in CapCut?

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