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    Change Your Voice to ANY CELEBRITY with This Free AI

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    Change Your Voice to ANY CELEBRITY with This Free AI


    Artificial intelligence has now reached a point where you can use it to change your voice to sound like any celebrity in real time. This incredible technology allows you to have conversations using the voice of your favorite stars. The best part is that you can also train the AI to replicate your own voice. In this article, we will explore how you can set up and train voices using this AI platform.

    Setting Up the AI

    To begin, you need to visit the website and download the AI platform. Currently, it is only available for Windows, but support for other platforms is coming soon. Once you have installed the software, you can set your audio input and choose between the recording mode or live mode.

    Recording Mode

    In recording mode, you can choose the voice you want to change your own voice to. Simply select the desired voice from the available options and start recording. However, please note that there may be a watermark on the recorded audio. You can choose to remove the watermark for an additional cost.

    Live Mode

    Live mode is designed for real-time voice changes during streaming. You can select a voice and adjust the settings for better quality or faster response time. However, be aware that increasing the quality may also increase the delay in audio transmission.

    Training Voices

    The AI platform provides a wide range of celebrity voices to choose from, but not all voices are initially available. You have the option to train additional voices by clicking on the "train" button. Training a voice requires credits or coins, which can be earned through various methods including inviting friends or participating in the platform's Discord server. Alternatively, you can purchase the necessary credits.

    Creating Your Own Voice

    The AI platform also allows you to create your own voice. You can upload an avatar image, choose the language and category for your voice, and decide whether it should be publicly available or unlisted. After creating your voice, you will need to upload audio files of your voice speaking for at least 15 minutes. The platform will then build the model for your voice, which may take several hours. Once completed, you can use your own voice just like any other celebrity voice.

    Summary of Keywords

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    1. Can I use this AI platform to change my voice to any celebrity?
      • Yes, you can choose from a variety of celebrity voices available on the platform.
    2. Is the AI platform available for all operating systems?
      • Currently, it is only available for Windows, but support for other platforms is coming soon.
    3. How do I train new voices on the AI platform?
      • You can train new voices by earning or purchasing credits, which can be used to train voices.
    4. Can I create my own voice using the AI platform?
      • Yes, you can upload audio files of your own voice and create a custom voice on the platform.
    5. Can I remove the watermark from recorded audio?
      • Yes, there is an option to remove the watermark, but it may come at an additional cost.

    In conclusion, the AI platform discussed in this article offers an innovative way to change your voice to sound like any celebrity. It also allows users to create their own custom voices. While the technology is impressive, there may be ethical concerns regarding its use. Nonetheless, this AI opens up a world of possibilities for voice transformation.

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