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    ChatGPT AI Made Me A $100,000 TRADING STRATEGY

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    ChatGPT AI Made Me A $ 100,000 TRADING STRATEGY

    In this article, we explore the use of ChatGPT, an advanced AI bot developed by OpenAI, to create a trading strategy and trading bot with automatic entries, take profit, and stop-loss levels. The goal is to test the effectiveness of ChatGPT in generating a strategy that can potentially make a hundred thousand dollars in trading capital.

    Introduction to ChatGPT and TradingView

    ChatGPT is an AI bot that can hold conversations, generate resumes, write essays, code, and perform various other tasks. TradingView, on the other hand, is a popular online charting platform used by traders worldwide. It also offers a proprietary programming language called Pine Script, which allows users to create custom codes, indicators, and backtest strategies.

    Creating a Trading Strategy with ChatGPT and TradingView

    To begin, we need to connect ChatGPT with TradingView. We ask ChatGPT if it can code in Pine Script, and it confirms that it can. We then proceed to TradingView and add the VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) indicator to our chart as the basis for our strategy.

    Next, we obtain the source code for the VWAP indicator and provide it to ChatGPT. We ask ChatGPT to create a strategy using the VWAP indicator, instructing it to buy when the price crosses above VWAP and sell when the price crosses below VWAP. ChatGPT generates the code for the strategy, which we then copy and paste into the Pine Editor in TradingView.

    Backtesting and Performance Analysis

    With the strategy implemented, we can now backtest it using TradingView's Strategy Tester. We analyze the results of the backtest, including net profit, win rate, profit factor, and maximum drawdown. We discover that the strategy, while not perfect, shows profitability with a 28% win rate.

    We experiment with different time frames and find that the strategy performs best when the overall market is in an uptrend. Adjusting the time frame allows us to see varying levels of profitability.

    Modifying the Strategy

    We continue to refine the strategy by asking ChatGPT to modify it. We request the addition of a stop-loss level of 1% and a take-profit level of 3%. However, the modified strategy does not yield better results and shows a decrease in net profit.

    Summary and Future Improvements

    The use of ChatGPT to create a trading strategy and trading bot shows promise but requires further refinement. The AI bot still needs highly specific instructions, and the strategy should focus on improving risk management and increasing the win rate.

    Overall, while ChatGPT's current performance is not impressive, with additional tweaking and specific guidelines, it is possible to improve the strategy's profitability. More time and effort spent on modifying the bot could potentially yield better results.


    • ChatGPT
    • Trading strategy
    • Trading bot
    • Pine Script
    • VWAP indicator
    • Backtesting
    • Performance analysis
    • Win rate
    • Profitability
    • Risk management


    1. Can ChatGPT generate profitable trading strategies?
    2. How does the use of Pine Script and TradingView enhance trading strategies?
    3. What were the results of backtesting the strategies created by ChatGPT?
    4. Can the strategy be modified to improve profitability and risk management?
    5. What further improvements can be made to the ChatGPT-generated strategy?

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