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    ChatGPT Plugin Review: Visla AI. Create new videos, scripts, and voiceovers in seconds.

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    ChatGPT Plugin Review: Visla AI. Create new videos, scripts, and voiceovers in seconds.

    The Chat GPT plug-in store currently hosts approximately 125 plugins, among which a new discovery, Visla, boasts the ability to generate stock footage videos instantly. In this review, we walk through the process of installing and using Visla to create a YouTube video on the pros and cons of AI for brick and mortar stores. The plugin simplifies the video creation process by allowing users to define content, set tone and type, add tags and descriptions, and choose aspects like aspect ratio before generating the video.

    After inputting the necessary details, Visla efficiently produced a one-minute video titled "Ai and Retail: Boon or Bane for Brick and Mortar Stores." The video delves into how AI impacts brick and mortar stores, discussing benefits such as enhanced customer experience and challenges like cost implications and privacy concerns. The video provides a comprehensive overview, demonstrating the potential of AI in revolutionizing the retail experience.


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    1. How many plugins are available in the Chat GPT plug-in store?
    2. What is Visla, and what is its key feature?
    3. How does Visla simplify the video creation process?
    4. Can users customize the content and tone of the videos generated by Visla?
    5. How can businesses utilize videos created using Visla for their branding or promotional activities?

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