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    Chromebook Video Editors Compared in 2021

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    Chromebook Video Editors Compared in 2021

    If you're looking to edit videos on a Chromebook, you may find it difficult to decide which video editing software to use. There are several different options available, but which one is best suited for you? In this article, we will compare some of the most popular video editors for Chromebooks and evaluate them based on their ease of use, user experience, and the quality of the exported videos.

    Comparison of Video Editors

    In this video comparison, the ASUS C434 Chromebook is used, which has an Intel fanless CPU, 4GB of RAM, and is considered to be a mid-range device. The following video editors are tested:

    1. Android Apps: KineMaster and CapCut
    2. Web Apps: WeVideo and ClipChamp
    3. Linux Apps: Shotcut and Kdenlive

    Comparison Process

    The video being edited is a vlog, which includes various clips that need to be cropped, overlaid with images and text, and have various effects added. Each editor is given 30 minutes to edit the video, and at the end, the editors are judged based on their speed, user-friendliness, and the quality of the exported video.

    Android Apps: KineMaster and CapCut

    KineMaster is considered one of the best video editors for Android. It has a touch screen interface and provides intuitive touchscreen controls. However, there were some issues with dragging clips on the timeline. Despite that, KineMaster offered a pleasant editing experience with no major concerns.

    CapCut, another Android app, performed well overall but had a few crashes during the editing process. However, it provided good editing capabilities and was fairly easy to use.

    Web Apps: WeVideo and ClipChamp

    Both WeVideo and ClipChamp offered a user-friendly experience with simple drag-and-drop functionality. They provided smooth editing and included useful features such as cloud storage and HD exports. However, some advanced features were only available with paid subscriptions.

    Linux Apps: Shotcut and Kdenlive

    Shotcut, a Linux app, had several issues during the editing process, including crashing when dragging clips onto the timeline. As a result, it was eliminated from the comparison.

    Kdenlive, another Linux app, provided a fully-featured editing experience but suffered from lag and stuttering playback on the Chromebook. It was challenging to navigate and had a steep learning curve.


    In summary, the web apps WeVideo and ClipChamp offered the best user experience and ease of use. They provided smooth editing and a range of features, although some were limited to paid subscriptions. The Android apps KineMaster and CapCut also performed well, with intuitive touch screen controls and good editing capabilities. The Linux apps Shotcut and Kdenlive had issues and were less user-friendly, but may still be suitable for those with more technical expertise.

    Keywords: Chromebook, video editors, editing software, Android apps, web apps, Linux apps, KineMaster, CapCut, WeVideo, ClipChamp, Shotcut, Kdenlive, user experience, ease of use, quality, exporting


    Q: Can I use these video editors on any Chromebook? A: The compatibility of these video editors may vary depending on your specific Chromebook model. It is recommended to check the system requirements of each editor before installation.

    Q: Are there free versions of these video editors available? A: Yes, all of the video editors mentioned in this comparison have free versions available, with some offering additional features through paid subscriptions.

    Q: Which video editor is the best for beginners? A: For beginners, the web apps WeVideo and ClipChamp offer user-friendly interfaces and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, making them ideal choices for those new to video editing.

    Q: Can I edit videos in high-definition with these video editors? A: The free versions of the video editors may have limitations on export quality. However, some editors offer HD exports through their paid subscriptions.

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