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    Cinematic Look Premiere Pro - Color Grading Tutorial

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    Cinematic Look Premiere Pro - Color Grading Tutorial

    Hello everyone! Today, I'll be sharing a step-by-step guide on how to color grade your videos in Premiere Pro to achieve a cinematic look. Additionally, I will provide 15 cinematic LUT presets for you to enhance your video editing experience. Let's begin by exploring the process and previewing the cinematic LUTs.

    To start, create a new adjustment layer and name it "color correction." Place it above your video layer on the timeline. Open the Lumetri scope and color tab. Adjust the black and white levels using the waveform monitor. Fine-tune the shadows and highlights for a balanced look. Set the white balance using the color picker and adjust the saturation.

    Proceed to work on the RGB curves to enhance highlights and shadows, creating a dynamic look. Utilize the color wheels to fine-tune the color balance and contrast. Match the color scheme with a reference image or video to maintain consistency. Apply HSL secondary effects to target specific colors and make adjustments accordingly.

    For a final touch, add a vignette effect and black bars to enhance the cinematic feel of your video. If you find the process complex, you can use the provided cinematic LUT presets for quick and easy color grading. Simply import the presets, add an adjustment layer, and apply the desired LUT to achieve stunning cinematic effects in your videos.

    Now, let's dive into the world of cinematic color grading with these detailed steps and presets to elevate your video editing game.


    Premiere Pro, Color Grading, Cinematic Look, LUT Presets, Lumetri Color Tab, RGB Curves, HSL Secondary Effects


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    2. What are LUT presets, and how can they simplify the color grading process?
    3. What tools can be used in Premiere Pro to enhance shadows and highlights in a video?
    4. How can I create a cinematic look in my videos using Premiere Pro and adjustment layers?
    5. Is it necessary to match color schemes with a reference image for consistent editing in Premiere Pro?

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