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    Clean 3D Animated Travel Map Tutorial in After Effects

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    Clean 3D Animated Travel Map Tutorial in After Effects

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a clean and professional-looking 3D animated travel map using Adobe After Effects. Unlike other tutorials that require purchasing expensive plugins or presets, we will create this effect entirely from scratch. With the techniques covered in this tutorial, you can easily create your own personalized travel map animations using any image you have available.

    Step 1: Creating the Composition

    1. Open Adobe After Effects and create a new composition.
    2. Set the composition size to Full HD (1920x1080) and check the "Maintain aspect ratio" option.
    3. Import the image of the world map that you want to use for your travel animation.
    4. Pre-compose the world map image to make it easier to edit later.
    5. Import any additional assets you may need, such as pin locations or other graphic elements.

    Step 2: Creating the Animation

    1. Create a new solid layer and choose any color for the stroke.
    2. Uncheck the visibility of the solid layer for now.
    3. Using the Pen Tool, create a smooth path by clicking and dragging on the map to define the travel route.
    4. Once you have created the desired path, apply the Stroke effect to the solid layer.
    5. Adjust the stroke size, paint style, and color to your liking.
    6. Enable the visibility of the solid layer to see the stroke on the map.
    7. Add keyframes to animate the stroke's appearance by adjusting the "End" property over time.
    8. Optionally, apply an Easy Ease effect to create a smooth acceleration and deceleration in the animation.
    9. Add a drop shadow effect to the stroke layer to create a sense of depth.

    Step 3: Adding 3D Animation

    1. Create a new camera in After Effects.
    2. Convert the world map layer and the stroke layer to 3D layers by enabling the 3D switch.
    3. Create a null object and make it a 3D layer as well.
    4. Parent the camera to the null object to have more control over the animation.
    5. Use the rotation and position properties of the null object to create a dynamic camera movement.
    6. Adjust the camera settings, such as depth of field, to enhance the realism of the animation.
    7. Add additional elements, such as pin locations, to indicate specific travel destinations.
    8. Apply animations to the pin locations to make them stand out and add visual interest.

    Congratulations! You have successfully created a clean and professional 3D animated travel map in After Effects. Experiment with different settings and techniques to customize the animation to your liking.


    Clean 3D animation, Animated travel map, Adobe After Effects, Stroke effect, Easy Ease, Depth of field, Pin locations, Camera movement.


    Q: Can I use any image for the world map in this tutorial? A: Yes, you can use any image of a world map that you have access to. Simply import it into After Effects and follow the steps outlined in the tutorial.

    Q: Do I need any special plugins or presets to create this animation? A: No, this tutorial demonstrates how to create the animation entirely from scratch using the built-in tools in After Effects. No additional plugins or presets are required.

    Q: Can I customize the animation further? A: Absolutely! This tutorial provides a basic framework for creating a clean and professional-looking travel map animation. Feel free to experiment with additional effects, colors, and animations to personalize the final result.

    Q: How long does it take to create this animation? A: The time required to create the animation will vary depending on your familiarity with After Effects and the complexity of your desired animation. However, following this tutorial, you should be able to create the animation within a relatively short amount of time.

    Q: Can I use this tutorial for other types of animations? A: While this tutorial specifically focuses on creating a travel map animation, you can apply the techniques and concepts taught here to create various other types of animations in After Effects. Feel free to adapt the knowledge gained from this tutorial to your specific needs and projects.

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