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    Clipchamp Video Editing Tutorial: FREE Windows 11 Video Editor

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    Clipchamp Video Editing Tutorial: FREE Windows 11 Video Editor

    This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on using Clipchamp, the new free video editor included in Windows 11. It discusses the features and functionality of Clipchamp, compares it to other video editing software, and provides instructions on creating professional-looking videos. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced video editor, this tutorial will help you make the most out of Clipchamp.

    Clipchamp is the new video editor included for free with Windows 11. It offers all the essential editing tools such as trimming, splitting, adding text, and transitions. But what sets Clipchamp apart are its additional features. You can record your screen and webcam simultaneously, convert text to speech in over 70 languages, and access a library of stock videos, images, sound effects, and music to directly insert into your project.

    Before Clipchamp, Windows already had a video editing software called Video Editor, which could be accessed by searching for it in Windows 10 and 11. However, Video Editor lacks essential features like transitions, timeline view for layering videos, and exporting videos in higher quality than 1080p. In comparison, Clipchamp is the superior video editor and is now pre-installed with Windows 11.

    To get started with Clipchamp, you can search for it in the start menu if you're a Windows Insider. If you're not, you can download the app directly from the Microsoft Store. Once installed, launch Clipchamp to begin your video editing journey.

    When you launch Clipchamp for the first time, you'll be taken to the start page where you can choose to create a new video from scratch, start from a template, or start from a recording. Clipchamp offers a range of dimensions optimized for different platforms, making it easy to customize your videos for various social media platforms.

    Adding media to your project is simple - you can drag and drop files from your computer, import content from cloud providers like Box, Drive, or OneDrive, and even fetch media directly from your phone. Clipchamp also provides access to stock videos, images, sound effects, and music, which you can directly insert into your project.

    Once you've added your media to the timeline, you can utilize various editing tools. Clipchamp allows you to trim, split, reposition, and layer video clips. You can also apply filters, adjust colors, and change the speed of your clips. An exciting feature unique to Clipchamp is the ability to convert text to speech in over 70 languages, bringing versatility and creativity to your videos.

    To enhance your videos further, Clipchamp offers a collection of transitions between clips. You can choose from a variety of options and easily insert them into your timeline. Additionally, the Brand Kit feature allows you to load fonts, colors, and logos to maintain brand consistency across your videos.

    When your video is ready, you can preview it using the video viewer and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, it's time to export your video. The free plan limits you to 480p resolution and includes watermarks, but it still allows you to download and share your video. Clipchamp offers premium plans with more advanced features and better export options.

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    1. Can I access Clipchamp on Windows 10? Yes, Clipchamp is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. If you're using Windows 10, you can search for Video Editor in your start menu to access the built-in video editor that Clipchamp surpasses.

    2. Is Clipchamp completely free? Clipchamp offers a free plan that includes basic editing functionality. However, to access premium features like higher resolution export options and stock content, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

    3. Can I use Clipchamp with my Microsoft 365 subscription? While Clipchamp's integration with Microsoft 365 is not explicitly mentioned, there is a possibility that Microsoft 365 subscribers will have access to premium functionality within Clipchamp. More information on this integration may be available in the future.

    4. What are the advantages of using Clipchamp over other video editing software? Clipchamp offers a user-friendly interface, essential editing tools, unique features like text-to-speech conversion, and a wide range of stock content options. Its integration with Windows 11 also provides a seamless and convenient video editing experience.

    5. Will Clipchamp become more accessible in the future? As Microsoft acquired Clipchamp in 2021, it is likely that they will make improvements and enhancements to the free plan to make it more attractive to users. Additionally, we may see further integration with Microsoft 365 in the future.


    These are some frequently asked questions about Clipchamp:

    1. Can I access Clipchamp on Windows 10?
    2. Is Clipchamp completely free?
    3. Can I use Clipchamp with my Microsoft 365 subscription?
    4. What are the advantages of using Clipchamp over other video editing software?
    5. Will Clipchamp become more accessible in the future?

    By addressing these FAQs, you can gain more insights into Clipchamp and its features.

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