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    Clone Yourself | Basic Clone Effect Editing Tutorial (InShot Tutorial)

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    Clone Yourself | Basic Clone Effect Editing Tutorial (InShot Tutorial)

    In this tutorial, we will go through the basics of creating a cloning effect using InShot. This effect allows you to clone yourself in a video, giving the illusion of multiple versions of yourself in the same frame. Follow these steps to master the art of cloning using InShot.

    1. Recording: Begin by recording yourself in the first position and outfit. Stay still and do not move your phone. Then, change your outfit and record again without moving the phone.

    2. **Editing in InShot:** Upload both clips to the InShot app. Use the pan tool to adjust the positioning of the second clip. Fit it to the frame size by using your fingers to scale and position it correctly.

    3. Mask Tool: Access the mask tool and select the first option. Adjust the mask line vertically to align the two clips. Use the white circle to create a soft blur between the clips for seamless blending.

    4. Review and Finalize: Watch the preview to make any necessary corrections. Trim the clips if needed to ensure perfect synchronization. Once satisfied with the result, your clone effect is ready to impress!


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    1. Can I create a clone effect using other video editing apps? While this tutorial focuses on using InShot, similar cloning effects can be achieved using various video editing software that offers masking tools and layering capabilities.

    2. Do I need professional editing skills to create a clone effect? Basic knowledge of video editing and familiarity with the features of the selected app, such as InShot, is sufficient to create a simple clone effect. Practice and experimentation will improve your skills over time.

    3. Can I add more than two clones using this technique? The steps outlined in this tutorial are for creating a basic clone effect with two clones. To add more clones, you can follow a similar process of recording multiple clips in different outfits and adjusting them in a video editing software with masking capabilities.

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